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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gov. Palin Lambastes Obama's Spending in Hong Kong Speech

According to Agence France Presse, Governor Palin said on September 23, 2009 the US government was wasting taxpayer's money and would exacerbate poverty in a 75-minute speech delivered to investors at the CLSA Investors Forum in Hong Kong (CLSA, 2009, ¶1).

The speech "covered Alaska, international terrorism, US economic policy and trade with China"(CLSA, 2009, ¶2). An anonymous European delegate regarded her as "brilliant." (CLSA, 2009, ¶5). The delegate elaborated, "She said America was spending a lot of money and it was a temporary solution. Normal people are having to pay more and more but things don't get better. The rich will leave the country and the poor will get poorer" (CLSA, 2009, ¶6).

She said the Obama's imposition of duties on Chinese imports was harmful to our relationship with China (CLSA, 2009, ¶11). Governor Palin praised President Reagan's economic policies and lambasted the Obama administration's interventions in economic affairs (CLSA, 2009, ¶12). She addressed terrorism threats to the United States and traditional allies such as Japan, Australia, and South Korea (CLSA, 2009, ¶13).

Governor Palin "blasted Obama's proposals on healthcare, reiterating a previous statement made to the press that the plan would include a bureaucratic 'death panel' that would decide who gets assistance, he said (CLSA, 2009, ¶20).


Though no transcript of the speech is available, the Agence France Press (AFP) report as re-broadcast by Breitbart provides a solid summary of what she spoke about and audience reaction. Those with left-leaning ideologies naturally did not like what Governor Palin had to say, and while there were a few of those (CLSA, 2009, ¶4 , 7), most investors liked her speech as indicated by the delegate who regarded it as brilliant.

One investor complained the speech over-focused on Alaska as an investment opportunity (CLSA, 2009, ¶15-16). But, Governor Palin is from Alaska, and that state is a significant trading port, and the place to invest in energy markets. If there was over-focus on Alaska, it will likely diminish over time, as Governor Palin transitions into a national role.

For her first foreign speaking engagement, Governor Palin's performance was by this account, nothing short of spectacular.


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