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Sunday, September 20, 2009

A letter, and a request to all who love Sarah Palin

I recently had the opportunity to get together with two of the representatives from the Valley Republican Women's Club, of which I am a member and the fundraising chair, and hear about their experiences at the recent national convention held in Florida. Gayle Ann Swanson, our president, had many wonderful stories to tell of unity and friendship, but one story took me aback.

You've heard Sarah Palin give her reasons as to why she decided to leave office. Again, for anyone not living in Alaska and experiencing some of this first hand, I truly understand why she chose to step down. I have never seen so many people "turn" on one person, and can only believe it is their own greed and self-serving attitudes that cause them to act the way they do. Gayle Ann has asked that the letter below be shared with anyone who supports Sarah.

Dear President Massie,

It was so enjoyable to be in Florida at the 35th annual NFRW convention with all the ladies from around the nation. Julie and I absolutely loved being in the crowds, talking and visiting with people from all over our country that have the same ideals and principals as our own club does. We had a lot of fun exchanging pins with all we could, and I am not sure exactly how many we got, but I know it was a lot. It seemed that whenever anyone found out we were from Alaska, their first question to us was "How is Sarah?" and the second of course was "What is she going to do?"
(Like I have a clue? LOL...) We got asked to get our picture taken with folks more than I would ever imagine, and I know this is silly but I even gave out my autograph! LOL...all because we were from Wasilla, Alaska. We definitely made some very good connections.

If you would be willing to humor me for a few minutes I would like to share an observation with you. One thing that I learned from going to this convention is that we are all like a box of crayons, if you will. As Republicans, we are like these different crayons...different colors...different experiences...different opinions...and different approaches to life.

Some of the crayons are older and have been around a long time...they have their paper missing, and are a little worn, because they have been used a lot, and have a lot of experiences out of the box. Others are hardly used, but they are bright and colorful, and they get out of the box once in a while to make a big splash on the paper. And then there are the brand new crayons, they still have their paper intact, and sit in the box wondering what is going on outside the box.

Yet with all of the differences...all of the crayons fit right back into the same box. Any observer can see that they are all together and unified in their task of being crayons. If the crayons refused to accept their differences and get back into the box together with the other crayons, at the end of the day, what do you think happens? There is no unity, no single purpose of being crayons (Republicans) and the box falls apart because the crayons aren't willing to stand together and create a full box of crayons therefore presenting a UNITED front.

My point is this...as Republican Women, we have had the opportunity to support the first Republican Woman to ever run for the office of the Vice President of America. Now, this "crayon" is a different color than most. But every single woman, and the men too, that I had the pleasure of talking to at this convention wanted to know what this "crayon" was up to. Not one time did someone say to me "Oh, your from Wasilla...were that Sarah woman lives...who quit..." NOT ONE.... NO everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, wanted to hear stories of Sarah. They wanted her to know she is loved, and that people are waiting to find out what she is going to do.

And then, horror or horrors, as I was standing in line with women on Saturday afternoon, I heard a comment about two women who where from Alaska and they had nothing at all good to say about the first REPUBLICAN woman to ever run for the office of the Vice President of America. The women that were speaking to me did not want to mention names, they protected the identity of the two that said they were so happy that she was out of office and that she didn't do anything for our state. That she was a quitter, and good riddance to her. You can only imagine my surprise! After only being asked good questions, and every person I had the chance to meet wanted me to tell Sarah they love her, I stood there stunned at what I had just heard.

This was on Saturday afternoon, and Julie went to one of the classes that were being held about why women don't get elected, and some women were saying somethings that they had heard from these two women during the course of the weekend. Julie knew the facts, and she stood up and gave her honest opinion of what she knows about Sarah Palin, and I want you to know...she got a STANDING OVATION. Do you realize President Massie, the meaning in that? People love this specific "Crayon". They do... they really do!

I am so sorry that these two women, whom I am fully aware of whom they are, want to continue to cause descent-ion in the Republican Party. We do not all have to agree on Sarah Palin, and what she stands for, but once again it amazes me that someone who has a chance to make a huge splash onto the American paper of History, is so disliked, and that these women are so out to see her burn... I think that this is exactly what makes enemies in the Republican Party, and I have seen so much hatred and negativity coming out from crayons that are just not the same. Maybe they are older and their paper is ripped off..they are worn...they have done so much for the party.

And this "High Heeled Crayon" who does not play by these other crayon's rules, brings out the worst in them. I wonder why? Well, I have my own opinion of the answer to that, but I happen to be a new crayon, and have hardly ever been out of the box...so what does my opinion count for?

Furthermore, I just wanted to be sure to let you know, I was appalled at how many times I heard this mentioned after that initial event. How can we say we are Conservative Republicans, who support those who run for office, if when we have the chance to support one of our very own, all we can do is tear her down? As stated previously...we don't have to AGREE with her, but we do need to be a UNITED front, to the rest of the world. It makes all of Alaska look like we are nuts! Not a box of United Crayons that stand for truth, honor, integrity, being women who stand for their country, their families, and their Constitution. Good honest women. Hard working women. Supporting our Republican candidates, whoever they may be. Whether we like them or not, whether we agree with their decisions or not, whether we have a personal vendetta against them or not...we MUST support our own.
When we don't, it makes all of us look bad.

We have the ability to be a force to be reckoned with in this next election. We have the ability to really bring back the Republican ticket, to fill Washington with more Republicans than Democrats, but I guarantee you, if we can't support those running for any office, we will not, see any of this come to fruition.

I appreciate your time President Massie. And as President of the Valley Republican Women's Club, here in Wasilla, Alaska, I stand. I will be one who stand for truth, justice and the pursuit of happiness. Life is too short not to.


GayleAnn Swanson
Valley Republican Women's Club

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