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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Obama's Alaskan Mafia Scandal

This is the "EthicsGate" video Gary's describes in his must read post. (Yes, Gary, I did steal your AK Mafia term.) Made by Naked Emperor News, and previously stripped from YouTube, it shows goofy but actual coordination between bloggers, State Dems, Obama Dems and Ethics Complaint Filers as rough payback for the progressive "crime" of Sarah's being a Republican on the campaign trail. IMO, since they went public with their complaints, and knew it was against the law to do so, they were conspiring to commit a crime.

Listen to Linda Kellen Biegel and "CC" on AK talk radio. They take (obviously arranged) calls from supposedly independent ethics complainers: Val Henning, Kim Chatman, and Sondra Tompkins.

Also, listen for an official Obama Campaign Conference Call where Tony Knowles lies about rape kits. He should be ashamed of himself. And he didn't even get a job!

Video from Naked Emperor News

Hat/tip Atlas Shrugs

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