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Monday, August 3, 2009

Governor Palin Honored At NRA Event

ANCHORAGE, AK- Governor Palin is back, almost a week since she stepped out of the spotlight.

Governor Palin gave a speech on 2nd Amendment rights at a banquet in Anchorage.

The Saturday night event capped a 4-day National Rifle Association seminar hosted by the Alaska Gun Collectors Association.

NRA director Wayne Anthony Ross, president of the gun collectors' group, says Palin attended the dinner with her husband, Todd. Ross says about 130 people attended the event.

Gun collectors groups from outside the state presented Palin with lifetime memberships. She also received the NRA's Gold Medal Award of Merit for the Promotion of Gun Collecting.

An avid defender of our 2nd Amendment rights, Sarah Palin spoke about Big Government intrusion and the importance of being vigilant in protecting our right to bear arms.

A star-studded banquet concluded the events of the NRA's XVIII Gun Collectors Seminar in Anchorage, Alaska on Saturday night, August 1, 2009.

Luminaries such as NRA President Ronald Schmeits (pictured above with Sarah Palin) and Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre attended the four-day seminar in downtown Anchorage. The seminar was hosted by Gun Collectors Committee Chairman Wayne Anthony Ross and the members of the Alaska Gun Collectors Association.

Seminar activities included sessions on World War II in Alaska as well as the life of the common soldier of the American revolution and culminated Saturday evening with a visit from former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin who gave a stirring speech on 2nd Amendment rights. Following the speech she was presented with Life Memberships in The Missouri Valley Arms Collectors Association, Ohio Gun Collectors Association and the Dallas Arms Collectors Association. The members of the Missouri Valley Arms Collectors Association also presented Gov. Palin with an NRA Benefactor Life Membership as well. She was also presented with the NRA's Gold Medal Award of Merit for the Promotion of Gun Collecting. This is only the second time in 10 years the award has been presented on behalf of the NRA's Gun Collectors Committee.

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