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Monday, August 3, 2009

Five Reasons Why Sarah Palin Will Be The Next President

1) She didn't go to Harvard. Now, no offense to my Ivy League friends out there; there is certainly nothing wrong with attending that great university. But lets examine the facts. Most of our President's have gone to Ivy League institutions. Many on Wall Street running our financial center attended prestigious business schools. Yet they have all led us to where we find ourselves today - one of the most perilous times in our nation's history. Perhaps the Ivy League way of thinking isn't working. I hear some of the best ideas from people who rarely get taken seriously: cab drivers, mothers, and janitors who have something I believe most Ivy Leaguers lack - common sense. After four years of President Obama's "bellicose" language, and his inability to give a concise answer to a simple question, I believe Americans will be clamoring for a candidate who shoots from the hip, and gives it to them straight. Can you imagine Sarah Palin saying she should have, "calibrated" her words differently. I think that's how they teach you to apolgize at Harvard. Where I come from, and where Sarah Palin comes from, we say two words when trying to apologize: "I'm sorry"

2) Mitt Romney is a flawed candidate. Many agree that on paper, Mitt Romney is the "front-runner" for the nomination in 2012. He has business/leadership experience, and believes strongly that capitalism works. Those are both great qualities when running against a pro-government, anti-business President. However, he will have to explain why he passed a statewide healthcare program as Governor of Massachusetts, that has left the state near bankruptcy, and officials scrambling to find additional funds to keep it running. With so many Americans hoping President Obama doesn't pass his universal healthcare plan, why would they vote for a candidate who actually did pass it in his homestate? Now, it is true that the Democratic controlled legislature in Massachusetts changed much of the legislation Romney had proposed, however, he did end up signing it into law, and he will have a difficult time explaining that decision to Republican voters, paving the way for Sarah Palin to point out its inefficiency and waste.

3) She is prepared for the attacks. Lets face it, President Obama had a pretty easy road to the White House, with the mainstream media fawning all over him (think Chris Matthews and his tingle). However, Obama has shown over the past seven months an inability to deal with challenging questions from the media. During one of his many press conferences, for example, when a reporter from CNN (yes, I was shocked too) questioned the growing deficit, Obama became visibly agitated and quickly silenced the reporter by calling on another. Slight, but telling. The second time around, Obama will be running on a record, and the media will be forced to challenge him on it. They will no doubt do so lightly, but it will be interesting to see how the "cool, calm and collected" candidate that was Barack Obama in the 2008 campaign will handle a tougher challenge in the 2012 campaign. It is pretty easy to become President when you have no record to be challenged on, and the media gives you a free pass. Sarah Palin on the other hand is more than prepared to deal with the media attacks. In fact, she will downright expect them. Sarah has proven she's not only willing to take on her attackers with her head held high, but she can throw a punch with a wink and a smile. No candidate could be more prepared for a Presidential run in terms of dealing with the mainstream media then Sarah Palin.

4) She is selfless. The liberals will argue that Sarah Palin is a quitter since she resigned her position as governor with 18 months to go in her term. They'll say, "if she gave up on Alaska, she'll give up on you" That may resonate with some voters. But, the real truth is that her decision to resign the governorship was not a selfish act of self-promotion, but a SELFLESS act of putting her state first. With Sarah making the decision that she would like to be a true force in the Republican party, and would like to hit the road campaigning for other candidates, it was selfless of her to resign, knowing it would be unfair for tax payers to continue to pay her salary with her away from the state so often. As a tax payer in Obama's home state of Illinois, I can tell you it's pretty frustrating to know that my hard earned tax dollars went to paying his salary, while he traveled the country promoting himself, rather than doing what he was elected to do: fight for the citizens of his state.

5) She has a record of achievement and reform. Enough said. If Barack Obama can be elected with perhaps the thinest of Presidential resumes, Sarah Palin can be elected President because she has a record of actually accomplishing things. Even after resigning, she had a 54% approval rating among Alaskan voters because they know she got the job done. That's better than Barack Obama's approval rating right now! Like she said in her convention speech, "being a small-town mayor is sort of like being a community organizer, except you have actual responsibilities"

These are just five reasons. Feel free to add more, because I know these are just the tip of the iceberg.


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lj0gg3rmpj0 - the economy will collapse into stagflation. Obama's record deficits will be blamed.

    If she gets Peter Schiff as her economic adviser, I think she'll be prez. But how will she get foreign experience?

  2. Regarding Sarah Palin's foreign policy experience, see the International Trade subtopic on Ron Devito's Master List of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's Accomplishments: