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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Straight from the Heart, NOT the teleprompter: Thank You, Sarah!!!

The Presidential election of 2008 changed my once-held perceptions about politics and political candidates. Prior to this election, I viewed presidential elections as, in the words of Sarah, a good-old-boy network of sorts, in which only elite and powerful males came out to play. Sarah Palin changed this status quo, and I couldn't thank her more for all she has done to inspire young women like me all over the country. She literally changed this powerful good-old-boy network into a place where conservative women could take a stand, knowing that we too had a voice and could make a change for the better. Now, don't get me wrong, I know women have been involved in politics for many years, but Sarah is the first woman who has inspired me to KNOW I can make a difference. Not only was she the first woman to become governor of the great state of Alaska, but she was the first woman to become the Republican Party's Vice-Presidential nominee. Sarah has cracked the mold for conservative women everywhere, and I thank her for putting a few more cracks in a ceiling that once seemed unbreakable. When the presidential election of 2008 was off and running, the candidate whom I hoped would lead our great country was none other than America's Mayor, Rudy Guilliani. I really admire Rudy for the way in which he inspired a nation following the horrific events of September 11, 2001. His no-nonsense approach, love and commitment to our country inspired me to the point that I knew he would make a tremendous leader for America. When John McCain ended up the last man standing as the Republican Party's nominee, I had to admit that I was not too excited or overjoyed, yet when looking at the options on the other side of the table, I threw my support to a man who had fought and sacrificed for our country. I knew I could count on McCain to work tirelessly to protect our country and remain fiscally conservative.

I started this blog for two reasons. Lisa, who runs the blog "Why Mommy is a Republican," told me that I should be writing and that a blog was a great place to start. I urge you all to check out her great blog and become a follower. Lisa not only gets the truth out there, but she is not afraid to be candid and set the record straight. The day John McCain announced Sarah to be his running mate had to be the happiest I had ever been, politically speaking. History had been made, and immediately I was transformed from someone who had simply just voted to fulfill my civic duty into someone who wanted to stand up and make a difference. I know this may sound korny to some of you, but as a young woman, I felt that I was finally being represented politically because a conservative woman, yes a conservative woman, had been nominated to the second highest job in the land. I need to make something very clear: The simple fact that Sarah Palin is a woman was not the main selling point for me. I have never voted for someone based upon gender. While I admire all women in the political arena, I always look at their beliefs and opinions on issues I care most about. THIS is how Sarah Palin earned my support. Now, with that said, the fact that she was a woman did make me look up to her in a way I had never been able to do toward any male politician in the past. (I believe the same can said for female supporters of female democratic politicians as well.) As I became more familiar of Sarah's life-story, I saw a woman who worked extremely hard to get to the level she was at politically. I also saw a woman who shared many of the values I hold most dear. Her pro-life, pro-traditional family values, pro-God, pro-small business, pro-second amendment, pro-fiscal conservative values and beliefs are the same values and beliefs I hold most dear. She didn't just talk about these values, as many politicians tend to do today, but she actually illustrated these values on a daily basis throughout the campaign and continues to do so to this day. She is a life-long member of the NRA, her family owns a small business, her record as governor illustrates her success as a fiscal conservative, and precious little Trig is a testament to everything we in the pro-life community hold most dear. In choosing to keep Trig, Sarah is illustrating everything it means to love a child unconditionally. I have learned so much from Sarah's love for Trig and her other children and look to her as a prime example of what a mother's love should symbolize.

Sarah inspires me to want to do great things. She is a woman who came from humble beginnings, which gives hope to average-day Americans like me who did not go to a fancy ivy league school or have a membership to that prestigious country club. Sarah's dedication to the people is one of the main aspects I admire most about her. She is not afraid to get down on my level and just have a good heart-to-heart about the issues that effect people like me. Her ability to connect with a large variety of Americans is no act. I will never forget during the presidential campaign when Hillary was at a local bar and took a shot of liquor. I could tell that this was something she was not used to doing-it was a total act. Sarah, on the other hand, just has that Ronald Reagan ability to make voters feel comfortable in their own skin because she is comfortable in hers, and this is a quality that is very hard to come by these days. Not only did Sarah inspire me to start this blog, but she has inspired me want to spread her commonsense message. I have what I like to call my Pre-Sarah and Post-Sarah days. In the days of Pre-Sarah, if someone said something that I politically did not agree with or slandered our commander in chief, I would have just quietly sat there without so much as saying a word. Ever since Sarah stepped onto the national stage, what I call my post-Sarah days, I no longer sit back and let this happen. While I may not convince people that they are wrong in their assumptions, I, at least, let my feelings be known, and contrary to popular belief, the people on the other end come to respect me and my opinion for the mere fact that I took a stand. I no longer fear being attacked for standing up for what I believe in for I know that I have the right to stand up when I see the principles and ideals I hold most dear threatened, and this is all because Sarah stands up for what she believes in. No matter how viciously and ferociously she and her family are attacked, she continues the good fight because she believes in the message she is spreading. Instead of sitting down and throwing in the towel, she perseveres onward for a cause greater than self and for love of country. She accomplished more during her time as governor of AK than most governors are able to accomplish in one or two terms. Many people, including some of my own friends, believe she made the wrong decision in resigning as AK's governor. I believe she made one of the smartest moves in political history. Not only is she NOT going to be considered a lame-duck governor, but she is giving her lieutenant governor the head start at governing, which gives the people of AK the benefit of seeing Sean Parnell in action, which, if all goes smoothly, should give AK a republican governor in the 2010 gubernatorial election. In resigning, Sarah is not only helping her state, but herself as well because now that she is not tied down to the governor's office, she is able to travel across the country to spread a commonsense message that so many people are craving during a time in which so many are hurting. I like to refer to the Obama administration not as "hope and change," but "hype and pain," for they are literally re-defining America and all she stands for. I cannot wait for Sarah to get out and speak on the effectiveness of smaller government, the importance of tax cuts, the benefits of small business, as well as about the gut wrenching, yet apparent path America is taking toward socialism. People are craving to hear her message, as the polls are suggesting. She is more popular now than she was prior to announcing she would resign as AK's governor. The unconventional way in which she goes about things is what draws people toward her. People are sick and tired of the politics as usual, and I am one of them. I am ready for someone to represent me and to truly fight for me and the conservative values I hold. Perhaps Dennis Miller said it best when he told Bill O'Reilly that the more the media harass and pick on Sarah, the more he respects and admires her-I couldn't agree more. So on behalf of Palinistas everywhere: thank you, Sarah, for not being afraid to take a stand! Thank you, Sarah, for speaking the truth! Thank you, Sarah, for the integrity you possess! And finally, thank you, Sarah, for inspiring women all over our great country to not be afraid to stand up and fight for what we believe in!!!

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