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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

AK Governor Sarah Palin Has a Student....

Governor Palin has a student 30 years her junior -- only she does not know it -- yet. As such, you won't find this information in a gubernatorial press release or a news story. Governor Palin's student is Emma Macpherson, 15, who attends the Regina Dominican High School, a Catholic school in Evanston, IL. Emma's mother, Joan a Team Sarah member related how she became the Governor's student and granted permission to publish it:

"I really wish that Sarah could see this. My daughter is at that age where she is trying to find her niche, she is at an age where her mother wants her to do things that help her self-esteem. She had decided to run for school representative when the board said that they needed executive members, they hoped that she would step up and at that moment give a small speech to the freshman student body. She hadn't prepared anything but she did it anyway, she said to her fellow students, 'I don't want to talk about what I want to do, I want to hear from you, what do you want and then help you make that happen.' She came home and told me about this and then said, 'I felt like Sarah Palin!'"

A few hours later, Mrs. Macpherson reported that Emma won the election to the executive board of her school's student council.


Anyone who has followed the Governor's life story and who has read Kaylene Johnson's Sarah Palin: How a Hockey Mom Turned the Political Establishment Upside Down and Joe Hilley's Sarah Palin a New Kind of Leader knows that the type of speech Emma Macpherson gave to win her position on her school's student council executive board is the same type of speech Governor Palin gave when campaigning.

One of the reasons those of us who love and support Governor Palin do so is because she listens -- even when we might disagree. This author has encountered numerous people who consider themselves center-left. Many are pro-choice. Yet, they support Governor Palin despite their disagreement with her on those issues! They support her, because she is real -- because she is one of us.

The message of listening obviously resonated with Emma Macpherson's fellow students and led her to win this election.

When this author attended Governor Palin's rally in Bethlehem, PA on October 8, 2008, the side of his his rally sign that she autographed read, "SuperSonic Sarah: Smashing Glass Ceilings from Above"...The metaphor is apropos.

Now...using Governor Palin's techniques, her student in IL hit Mach 2 and broke some glass of her own....this first sonic boom for her is a defining moment, for whatever road young Emma takes.

This is not the first time, Governor Palin has inspired someone. Quite the contrary, she has been inspiring a nation. Check out this article by Myrna Blyth, in National Review: Palin Power. Incidentally, this author's first ever blog posts bore that name.

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