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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Did You See This Garbage Posted On the Anchorage Daily News?

Yeah, I want everyone to see this piece of crap.

I have no problem linking to a hit piece on Sarah Palin because, when people see the negativity and see the garbage, good people will be repulsed by it. Those who feed into it should find another planet inhabited by negative idiots.

Every good hearted and good minded person in America should read this piece of toilet paper because people need to know how low scum really is. You will never get people to understand the truth unless you show them the ugly side. This is the ugly side.

Come on Palin army. Let's show these buttheads at the ADN what we think about them.

This is war. What these cookie eating kool aid drinking [redacted] need is a good rhetorical butt kicking.


  1. Here is a video taken in Kuwait of Sarah shooting a military rifle simulator. Note that the officer standing next to her commented, "You're hitting pretty close to dead center."


  2. oh dear friend ....not to worry, everyone who watch those episodes, saw her also grab the other rifle and shoot the caribou

    the Alaska daily and McClatchy are joining forces with Rove and Coulter to try to talk America out of supporting Sarah.