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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ADN Pursues Miller who Broke No Laws; Leaves Murkowski Alone

The Anchorage Daily News is conducting a smear campaign against Joe Miller for using Unemployment and Medicaid Benefits - both perfectly legal activities - but has nothing to say about Sen. Murkowski who is alleged to have had a cocaine habit (sale, possession, transport, distribution, of cocaine is generally a felony).

Further, public records show that Sen. Murkowski used, then represented PMBR, which helped people cheat on the Alaska bar exam - an exam the good Senator failed four times till finally passing on her fifth attempt. PMBR had to pay an $11.9 million judgment for stealing copyrighted test questions and giving to students for a fee.

What do we hear from the ADN? Silence. Not even one chirping cricket to pierce the publication's stillness. If Joe Miller or Gov. Palin were accused of cheating and facilitating cheating on a bar exam; and felonious drug use, the ADN would blare it on the front page for months straight.

Tell the ADN to investigate these very serious allegations against a sitting Senator, who lost a primary and is in the throes of a futile write-in campaign.

Send a letter to the editor, email newsroom@adn.com, reach out to them on Facebook, and Twitter.

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