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Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy 46th Birthday Todd Palin

Montage by Karen Allen

Todd Palin was born today September 6 in 1964. He roared into young Sarah Heath's life in a Mustang, as she wrote in Going Rogue, and was the answer to her prayers.

Indeed, their marriage is something special. The couple has been married 22 years, has five children and a grandson, a virtual rarity today when the appliance warranties tend to outlive the marriage. They are able to make their marriage work despite long periods of separation, also a statistical rarity. Todd never grew resentful when Sarah became the main breadwinner working her way to the Governor's office and now as a bestselling author, news consultant, paid speaker, and political king and queen-maker. Quite the contrary, he does whatever needs to be done at home, regardless of what traditional male/female roles are.

Yet, Todd is very much a man's man, and Sarah Palin's rock of strength. Do something untoward to Gov. Palin with Todd around and you'll feel his wrath. Few guys would race around on a snow machine with a broken arm, like he has, or work under dangerous conditions on some of the planet's most inhospitable terrain. Todd also nearly lost his life at sea commercial fishing the day before he married young Sarah Heath. Their house was built by his hands, as was the 14-foot-fence that kept McGinnis' prying eyes away. You could say that Todd is one gnarly dude.

Today, it is right and appropriate that we celebrate his birth and marriage.

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