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Monday, September 20, 2010

C4P: Gov. Palin, Epitome of a Leader

Doug Brady, an Editor of Conservatives4Palin brought to light an excellent comment left by one of the site's readers, "RefudiateObama2012," which delineated Gov. Palin's leadership skills. The reader re-posted a third-hand narrative left by a Democrat who crossed paths with Gov. Palin throughout her nearly 20-year political career. I will echo Brady's disclaimer that the comment is hearsay and would be inadmissible as evidence in a court proceeding, but many people who know Gov. Palin would corroborate the comment.

Core Aspects of Gov. Palin's Leadership Style, per the C4P Comment:
  • Gov. Palin is not an ideologue. Her actions and decisions are supported by law, not beliefs.
  • She has the "ability to process information and then to quickly forge a plan with the information she was given."
  • Gov. Palin is "a living, breathing, [Critical Path Method] CPM chart."
  • Gov. Palin has the ability to "instantly absorb input from others and then respond with cogent solutions to problems."
  • The Katie Couric interview was specifically edited to make Gov. Palin look foolish. The commenter at first thought he was viewing an imposter, not Gov. Palin. Over six hours of footage were left on the cutting room floor.
  • Recommended reading: Sarah Takes on Big Oil, which describes how Gov. Palin took on the big oil companies - and won.
  • She has a unique ability to get people with opposing positions to work together without either one feeling they have lost or compromised themselves.
  • Gov. Palin is a bookworm and very well-read. She also has a photographic memory.
  • Gov. Palin could easily destroy Obama in a debate.
  • "Death panels" has been proven to be true.
  • Her positions on issues are aligned with the majority of Americans. "Divisive/polarizing" are Alinksy tactics. Gov. Palin does not polarize. She galvanizes.
Epitome of a Leader
He said she was the epitome of a leader. She assembled her staff, listened to their advice, allowed opposing ideas to be heard, and then acted accordingly. As a manager, she advocated making a plan based on the best info available, budgeting the plan, working the plan, measuring results, and quickly adjusting the plan if it was determined it wasn't working as expected. She believed in the First Law of Holes*.
*"First law on holes - when you're in one, stop digging!" - Denis Healey

Governor Palin has proven to be a Transformational Leader throughout her political career. Her ability to get people with opposing positions to work well together will be critical to her success as she continues her ascent. Another excellent book which was written specifically about her leadership style is Sarah Palin: a New Kind of Leader, by Joseph Hilley.

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