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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Where to Find Leadership and Inspiration

Today, I got to partake an in an email thread on Team Sarah which discussed how the current president is tantamount to not having a president at all. The frustration on the part of the thread originator is quite understandable. The man who occupies the White House after all is well-renowned for his complete lack of leadership, utter incompetence, and a general "blame America first" mentality - points that do not require belaboring. Following is my response:
I have to respectfully disagree. We do have a president, except SHE is a private citizen now, sans official title.

Our unofficial President provides leadership and inspiration. She does not polarize as so many of critics say - much rather - she galvanizes us. Her endorsed candidates' track record of winning primaries and special elections is around 86%. She has defined and shaped debates on health care, illegal immigration, national security, cap and tax. She has exposed the man who holds the official title for the incompetent fool that he is and has begun the process of emasculating him. She has lived inside his head rent free for nearly two years now and plays with him as a cat plays with a ball of yarn or a mouse that it caught. The other characters considering presidential runs in 2012 would likely be slaughtered by her quite easily should she choose to run. In any regard, she is proving that the best man for the job of President right now is a woman.

Bottom Line: I stopped looking to Washington for my leadership and inspiration since that November night and started looking to Wasilla. I have not turned back since.
Jedediah Bilah: The Leaders We Choose

Perhaps this thread was providential, because today, Manhattan-based conservative columnist and commentator, Jedediah Bilah wrote "The Leaders We Choose," which was a brief treatise on authenticity and transparency. "We’ve somehow – as a society – come to revere the fake," Bilah wrote. She continued, "So, why does it surprise us when we elect politicians whose pretty words, suave gestures, and fancy presentations are the garnish on empty plates?" Though the current President was not mentioned by name, Bilah was quite likely referring to him. Indeed, Gov. Palin in her VP Convention Speech made several references to the farce that was the Obama candidacy.

Bilah concluded:
"Polished and avant-garde shouldn’t automatically equal presidential. Honesty should. Integrity should. And we – as a society – should make it our job to tear off those spiffy exteriors and find out what’s underneath before we pledge allegiance to anyone or anything."
Our Time of Choosing

Indeed, the man of great oratorical skill - uh, with a teleprompter running - who occupies the White House has a record of miserable failure which speaks for itself. Gov. Palin's record of success outdoing prior successes likewise speaks for itself.

In the coming months, we face our national Time of Choosing. Which do you prefer? More fake? Or a change to Real?


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