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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Walter Campbell Dissects Sen Murkowski's RINO Record

Following is a letter from Walter Cambpell to Dan Fagan in which Campbell delineates Lisa Murkowski's record as a Republican in Name Only (RINO), and provides evidence of how she has acted in direct contravention to her purported conservative views:


Joe Miller still has my support. I've followed this a lot more closely than you. I've actually done my homework. I've talked with her in person where she told me one thing, and then listened in town halls and in more liberal venues where she said something entirely different. She's made comments at town halls saying the "mandate for insurance wasn't the problem", and that she believed the "government did have a role in providing healthcare to it's citizens".

The comments Joe made to Human Events (btw it's both an Online and a print publication...most real conservatives are familiar with that fact) were obviously in reference to her refusal, much to the chagrin of her conservative colleagues like Mike Pence and Jim DeMint, to sign on to the DeMint repeal bill for over two months.

Joe was saying essentially that she didn't sign on, and he would. At the time of his interview, (the 22nd of July) she hadn't signed on. Pressure brought to bare on her by a more conservative rival forced her to take a harder position on Obamacare, and she did sign the bill on the 29th of July, a week after Miller's interview. For you to paint her as strong in her opposition to socialized government run healthcare is a flat out lie. The reason she voted against it was because she would be trailing significantly in the polls right now had she voted for it.

She is a career pol; nothing she does is on principle...it's all about political survival. She is everything that is wrong with our system.She had stated before that repealing the bill was not the answer. Clearly the distinction here is that she favors some form of nationalized healthcare, (perhaps not the Obama version) just like she favors some form of cap and trade just like she favors some form of amnesty. Joe does not..under any circumstance, believe it's the government's role to provide healthcare, tell doctors how to treat, set carbon taxes, or reward illegal immigration. She does. She clearly did NOT support the repeal of Obamacare until just recently, because she said so on KTUU, and she withheld her signature from the repeal bill for two months. It's obvious she was testing the waters to see how moderate she could be for various political gain in Washington and within the state.

Miller enters the race, challenges her on the right, is consistent, and she has to retrace her steps and pull back to a stronger position on Obamacare.

She also told a national publication she didn't know Joe Miller...another lie...her sister worked on a steering committee with him and they had met several times. You've never pointed out that blatant lie on her part..an obvious attempt to smear for political gain; she did this to dismiss his candidacy because she knew their were plenty of folks across the country and in the state ready to support a more conservative candidate, if they were viable. You see, it's not just us here in Alaska who are fed up with her...Now, if there's something else you are leaving out...if you have a personal score to settle with Paul Bauer, or Sarah Palin, perhaps you should let your listeners know - but to call this man a liar, a man with 8 kids, spotless military record of heroic service, a man who stands not to gain a thing by his run, and would lose money if elected, versus someone who was a failure as a lawyer, who's only accomplishment thus far, was to be appointed by her dad and then become notorious nationally among the likes of Arlen Specter, Susan Collins, and Olympia Snowe as a turncoat progressive RINO. That's beyond the pale. On it's face it's seems you have either been duped by your friends (and let's be honest here, you have MANY leftist and progressive right friends and lobbyists who are very loyal to Lisa...I would imagine the pressure to support her has been pretty intense for you...) or you have not done your homework, or YOU are the one being purposefully dishonest...for whatever reason...personal vendetta...financial gain...etc.

This man represents everything you say you believe on your show - and Lisa represents the exact opposite - and yet you've always antagonized this man, and pitched softballs to Murkowski. Your in studio interview with her was a sickening display of pandering on your part. I never expected you to be a "journalist", but I must say I wasn't expecting you to be a phony or a sell-out. I heard both that day, and it was sad.

From her deal with Bob Penny, to her being involved in meetings when her father had planned to appoint her (a clear conflict if interest) to her lying about her record, to her covering up how many times she tried to pass the bar and failed...clearly there is one dishonest party here - and now that's YOUR candidate.

This man has a family, has devoted his life to the service of our country as a warrior, tank commander, and judge. Your slander and insults yesterday were shameful and belie ulterior motives...not too mention they were wrong, and you mis-quoted her (a lie) favorably, and him (a lie) negatively twice yesterday. In the middle of spitting out your hate, the names you called Miller better represented you yourself.

For the record, there has never been a vote to repeal Obamacare. The votes you were duped into referencing by the Murkowski camp were votes to table. The only repeal measure out there, was the one DeMint initiated, and Murkowski purposefully held off for signing for two months..a bill Joe said he would not hesitate to put his name on..a clear difference between him and the senator, and one worth mentioning in a national publication, given it's national consequences.

Miller's comments were correct, only a fool or a paid hack wouldn't know the difference, and beyond that, he is the only conservative in this race, and those of us who support him and wish to see constitutional conservatives elected to office and corrupt RINOs sent packing, are NOT going away. We will take back our country, and our party, and you can help, get out of the way, or make us go through you and your corrupt allies, it makes no difference to me.

-Walter Campbell

PS: I was at the GOP picnic yesterday. Didn't see you or your candidate. Could it be she was looking for where they were holding the DNC picnic?

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