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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vote Joe Miller for US Senate

Vote Joe Miller for US Senate

Joe has traveled the length and breadth of Alaska meeting and listening to our people and sharing his vision for how to deal with the most pressing issues of our day. From Barrow to Juneau, from Nome to Tok, and on down into the Kenai and Kodiak Island, Joe’s met so many wonderful people and found encouragement and support for the message he’s sharing. The heart of it is that we must return to our Founding principles of limited government and personal liberty if we are to preserve the American dream and be able to pass it along to our children.

Government has grown too big and obtrusive, and frankly, Senator Murkowski has been part of the problem. She has voted with Barack Obama and the Big Spending Democrats in Congress more than any other Republican Senator up for reelection this year. The only way to change Congress is to change the people who are there.

Your phone call, the piece of literature you hand out at the polls or around town, or the sign you wave could make the difference. Primary elections, particularly in non-Presidential election years, traditionally have a very low voter turnout. Recent polling shows a 25% change in the race since last month, and now Joe is within striking distance. Your vote and the people you get to the poll could decide the election today. We must get all Joe’s supporters to the polls. Let's make it happen!

The American Dream is worth fighting for!

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Joe Miller

Candidate for United States Senate

Joe and the Miller Family

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Anchorage Campaign Office
401 East Northern Lights, Suite 202
Anchorage, AK 99503

Phone number: (907) 929-9563

Fairbanks Campaign Office
250 Cushman Street, Suite 2A
Fairbanks, AK 99701
Phone number: (907) 452-8559

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