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Monday, August 2, 2010

Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund "Flight" at Reagan National

US 4 Palin "Fly Sarah from Wasilla to Washington" Campaign
"Sarah" is now in Washginton, DC

Journey is Complete

How to "Fly 'Sarah' from Wasilla to Washington"
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Let's help the Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund reach new heights and get Gov. Palin to Washington!


Laura was sitting in the flight operations building. She had gotten weather information, filed her flight plan, pre-flighted and ran the plane up and shut down. She reviewed the DC airspace procedures one last time. She recalled that “Sarah” had written in Going Rogue that she never seen a replay of her own GOP 2008 convention speech. Laura was going to correct that. They had watched Reagan’s Time of Choosing speech back in La Crosse....

Laura had the YouTube video ready to go on her own laptop, which she connected to the office’s big flat screen. “Sarah” entered. After greeting each other, Laura told “Sarah” she had to step away for a few minutes and started the 46-minute video.

She returned about five minutes later and sat with “Sarah” to watch the rest of the video. “Thank you, Laura!” she said when it was over.

Laura’s voice quivered slightly, “Sarah, it’s time.” Laura did not want to think about the farewell that was to be in two short hours. But, the entire point of the journey boiled down to this final flight after all. In essence, that farewell was the point. Laura had a job to do. They went to the plane, started up, and Laura got the clearance.

Providential US Airways Dash-8 Q100

To “Sarah’s” right was a US Airways Dash-8 Q100 (Ed. Note: see Ron Devito Rochester Book Signings Part I and VI for significance of this).

Cleared for Takeoff

The flight would take off to the southwest then turn east climbing to 7,000 feet.

Over West Virginia

The flight paralleled Pennsylvania’s southern border, entering then leaving Maryland. Save for some scattered clouds, the night was clear and crisp. The controller instructed Laura to turn toward the southeast and assigned a visual approach to Reagan National’s southeast facing runway. Laura would have preferred the more southerly runway aligned with the night’s winds, but she did not request a change. The runway choice proved providential.

Initial Descent over Dulles

Laura was instructed to descend to 2000 feet. Her flight path took her right over Dulles Airport.

Following the Potomac River

Soon, Laura was following the Potomac River. Washington DC’s principal buildings started to come into view.

Cleared to Land

Her assigned runway came into view and she was cleared to land. The city’s main buildings passed by the left wing, as “Sarah” looked on.


The hacking of "Sarah's" private email accounts in 2008 was a modern day version of Watergate. As the flight passed the complex, she renewed her vow to continue being the antithesis of what happened here so many years ago.

750 Feet to Go

Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument

George Mason and Arland Williams Bridges

Jefferson Memorial

370 Feet to Go

General Aviation Parking

As Laura pulled off to taxi to the General Aviation area, a US Airways 737 took off likely for New York or Boston. Laura would be repositioning this plane at the Flying W in southern New Jersey after a day or two.

Upon reaching General Aviation, Laura completed her post-flight checklist and started secured the plane, starting with the left wing. Unbeknownst to Laura, “Sarah” tied down the right wing, and waited as Laura went to work on the tail. When Laura swung round to the right wing, she swallowed hard, seeing that “Sarah” had done it.

Meet me here, January 20, 2021 at noon...

"Sarah" turned her and said, "thank you for all you've done. If you need something from me, let me know." Laura paused for a minute then - baiting "Sarah" - said with intonation as if "Sarah" owed her a major debt – "yes, there is something I want you to do for me!" "Sarah" was taken aback at first. Was Laura just another one of so many sycophants who would use her out then trash her to the media? This could not be happening, but somehow "Sarah" could detect the intonation was a put-on. Laura was a skilled pilot; however, she was a lousy actress, and she could not maintain the charade beyond that sentence. Her eyes filled up and she choked out, "yes, 'Sarah.' There are a few things I want from you…"

…Never change who you are. Don’t let this place change you.

…On January 20th at 12 noon in the year 2021, I want you to meet me here. I’ll have a jet. I’ll take you direct to Anchorage, then in this plane back to Wasilla. I took you out of Alaska. After you have led and served – let me take Alaska’s daughter home.

A Hug and a Salute

"Sarah's" motorcade was now on the ramp. "Sarah" walked toward Laura and gave her a long hug and said "thank you." "Sarah" turned and walked to the motorcade. Laura snapped to attention facing "Sarah" and raised her right hand in a salute and held it there. "Sarah" turned and waved back. Laura held the salute. "Sarah" entered the Suburban and closed the door. The motorcade pulled away, and Laura moved only to face it as it left, still holding the salute. When the motorcade was out of sight, Laura dropped to attention, then at ease, then normal. She savored the moment and the sweet 2 AM air.

She turned took a final look at the now empty seat once occupied by "Sarah" for 13 flights over 40 hours, gently closed the door and locked it, then locked her side.

From Her House to Her House...

It’s 3,314 nautical miles – 3,848 statute miles - from Wasilla to Washington. It took 40.3 hours all told; 9.1 hours of instrument flight, and 13 hours of night flight to bring "Sarah" from her house to her house (from January 20, 2013 - till January 20, 2021)….

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