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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

McCain's Fired Daughter Says Palin Not a "Team Player"?

On Good Morning America, as reported earlier by Lori Calabrese, Meghan McCain said that Gov. Palin was "not a team player." Meghan McCain’s credibility is questionable at best since her own father’s campaign fired her. While she parsed words, obfuscated, and gave a line of bull about “being asked to leave and not come back,” this is the same as being fired. She could have just said “it depends on the what the meaning of ‘is’ is” and been done with it.

This young woman, who was fired from the one campaign she had experience with is stating that a woman who at the time had 16 years of executive experience is not a “team player”? To steal from Hillary Clinton, accepting Meghan McCain’s word on matters pertaining to Gov. Palin would require “the willing suspension of disbelief.”

This would be a good time to remind Meghan McCain that Gov. Palin saved her father from what would have been a devastating double-digit loss. By Meghan McCain’s own acknowledgment, Gov. Palin drew many people to her rallies. Similarly, Gov. Palin’s endorsement of him helped him win the Arizona primary of August 24, just like the other six endorsees for that day. Her track record for the day is 100% and overall over 60%.

While Meghan McCain may or may not vote for Gov. Palin in 2012 should she run, we’ll focus on those whose opinions matter: the millions of people worldwide who are waiting for Gov. Palin to toss her hat in the ring and hopefully become President Palin.

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