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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Greg Sargent, WaPo Lies About Palin Endorsements

As we've seen since Sarah Palin became an international figure almost two years ago, Obama leftists, using Alinsky tactics are constantly inventing memes in a desperate attempt to discredit her. Greg Sargent, who writes a column for the Washington Post is just one of many on the BS bandwagon.

Those Whose Opinions Matter

In, Still more proof Sarah Palin is toxic outside her bubble, Sargent cites a Pew poll which says that a Sarah Palin endorsement is a negative for her endorsed candidates. We don't know who the Pew poll sampled. We don't particularly care either. The only sample that matters is is the field of candidates that Gov. Palin has endorsed. Have a few lost? Sure. But, the vast majority of them - nearly 86% have either won primaries or are on the way to winning primaries.


If a Sarah Palin endorsement is such a negative, why is it that the non-endorsed in a contested primary often go sour grapes? Witness the Allegretti meltdown when NY-13 candidate Michael Grimm secured her endorsement (Disclosure: US 4 Palin Publisher, Ron Devito is campaigning for Grimm), and who can forget Devore's reaction to Fiorina's endorsement? Those whose opinions matter - the candidates - tend to covet a Sarah Palin endorsement. Those who don't get the endorsement tend to get quite angry about it and make a big stink. So much for life in Sargent's alternate universe.

Though Sargent does not use the word "polarizing," his assertion that "A recent Gallup poll noted a striking disconnect in public attitudes towards Palin..." is tantamount. No sir, the only aspect of Gov. Palin that is polarizing is her sunglasses. Her photographer Shealah Craighead might possibly use a polarizing filter on occasion, so that might be another instance of polarization on the part of the Palin camp. Earth to Sargent: Gov. Palin galvanizes us.

Leftist Polls - Of Course They Don't Like Her

Sargent cites polls by what he admits is leftist: "the Dem firm Public Policy Polling" to assert that people don't like her and that she should just go away. How many hundreds of thousands of people have traveled thousands of miles and spent thousands of dollars to bond with Sarah Palin for 10 seconds? How many people spend easily a full work week each week on top of their jobs, blogging and doing other Sarah Palin-related work in support of her, motivated by nothing more than love and respect for her?

Context: It Means Everything

In an earlier version of "Toxic," Sargent bemoaned Gov. Palin's use of "cojones," because women don't have testicles, and according to him, Gov. Palin did not know what the word means. Sir, Gov. Palin knows exactly what "cojones" means and specifically picked it, because it was apropos.

Sargent might spend a little time learning about something called context. The term and its English equivalent is also slang and synonymous with: courage, bravery, fortitude, guts, strength. That was clearly Gov. Palin's intent: to state that Gov. Brewer has courage and Obama does not. Govs. Brewer and Palin indeed have much more courage than Obama. Gov. Palin has and routinely does things that many men would not even attempt. She has the broken bones to prove it.

Sargent would not have been asserting that women somehow lack courage, bravery, fortitude, guts, and strength. That would be sexist. Misogynist. Interestingly, his complaint is gone. We'll leave it to the reader to speculate why.

We have news for Sargent: Sarah Palin is not going to sit down and shut up. Neither are we. And, when we read the leftist media, we don our hip-waders and keep a firm grip on our shovels.

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