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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

MotivationTruth Stands Up for Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund

By Adrienne Ross - www.motivationtruth.com

MotivationTruth is taking an active role in helping the Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund. As you know, Governor Palin resigned as governor of Alaska when obsessive partisans decided to wage war on her. They filed a plethora of bogus ethics complaints against her, abusing the legal system, tying up resources, and costing the state and the Palin family an obscene amount of money. Although these complaints were dismissed, they continued their plan to destroy her. This, of course, is why she stepped away from the governor's office.

As odd as it is, in Alaska, it doesn't cost the complaint filer money to bring charges, but it costs the accused money to defend herself. Clearly, the law is flawed, but there was nothing Governor Palin could do but pay to prove her innocence. And of course, she was continually cleared of any wrongdoing.

Prior to her leaving office, her supporters set up a legal defense fund to help eliminate this ever-increasing debt based on these ridiculous antics. This kind of fund is common. Bill and Hillary Clinton had one. So did John Kerry. Lawmakers in Alaska had them. It's nothing unusual, strange, or unethical. But there seems to be a separate set of rules when your name is Sarah Palin. So recently her fund was deemed unlawful because of its use of the word "official." How utterly ridiculous. We shouldn't be surprised, however, especially upon learning that President Obama's own lawyers drafted the report against her. And silly people are still so naive as to believe that our president is not afraid of the hockey mom from Wasilla. Read for yourself here. Read more about what really went down here.

Governor Palin is now required to return all monies donated to the first fund, which is now dissolved. She must make an attempt to do so within 90 days of the June 24th ruling. This is where MotivationTruth comes in.

The haters think they have won with this ruling, but they have not. They must not. Their goal was to destroy her name and her pocketbook. MotivationTruth is asking those who contributed, when your contribution is returned, please reinvest those funds into the new Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund that has been established, and give extra if you can. Don't wait until your contribution is returned. Give today if you can.

This new fund is the real deal. The Palin-deranged wasted time and money and, in their determination to destroy her, toyed with people, with no regard for truth or integrity. When an ethics complaint was dismissed, they simply filed another...and another...and another. Why wouldn't they? It cost them nothing to do so. Let's help her get this behind her so she can continue with the business at hand: restoring America.

MotivationTruth has the opportunity to help in a big way. By clicking on the Legal Defense Fund picture on the sidebar or the picture at the top of this post, you can donate to this cause today. Give $100, $50, $10--whatever you can afford. Each donation you make by clicking here will be tallied as a MotivationTruth contribution! We have Governor Palin's back, so let's demonstrate our support for her in this endeavor. My short term goal is to raise $1,000 and then move up from there and set another goal. MotivationTruth wants to show ourselves for who we are: pro-truth, pro-Palin!

Thank you in advance for standing up for Governor Palin. It does make a difference.

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