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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Anti-Palin Protesters: "I hate the Constitution!"

Leftist Lowlight Exhibit A

As pro- and anti-Palin protesters clashed at California State University Stanilaus just prior to Gov. Palin's fund-raising speech on June 25, 2010, one leftist called himself communist and said, "I hate the Constitution." The leftist anti-Palin protesters were loudly cursing her and and her supporters. One of their standard slogans of the day was "eat the rich". They displayed sexist signs referencing Gov. Palin's breasts, and expletive-laden signage including a sexual reference to TEA partiers.

Leftist Lowlight Exhibit B:

In this full-length video from the same event, leftists absurdly chanted: "Sarah Palin go away! Racist, sexist, anti-gay!" The reporter questioned, "how can Sarah Palin be sexist as a woman?" The protester's response was that "the Republican Party has been against womens' rights" and that Gov. Palin owes a debt of gratitude to "liberals and progressives who made her way easier." He claimed that she is "a little bit ignorant about womens' history."

Let there be Bold Differences, No Pale Pastels

The reporter noted a stark contrast between the the pro-Palin protesters and the leftists. Gov. Palin's supporters all had American flags. Only a single leftist had a very small flag. One leftist carried a piñata in the form of Gov. Palin's body. Piñatas are meant to be broken with a stick, which presumably is a fate this protester desired for Gov. Palin. Another carried a sign with at least one expletive on it. In front of that protester, a woman told the reporter that she did not think Gov. Palin was a true feminist and thought her policies were "anti-Christian."

He interviewed a pro-Palin protester who could not understand the sexist meme and factually stated that Gov. Palin's speech sold out and brought over $200,000 for Stanislaus, which helped fund scholarships and other programs. One pro-Palin protester reported that the leftists - who routinely claim to be for peace and against violence - threw a bottle of Gatorade at her group. Other pro-Palin protesters sung God Bless America. When asked why she supports Gov. Palin, one pro-Palin protester responded, "she's an American, she's a mother, she supports our soldiers, I support her values....she believes in the Constitution."

Microcosm of a Constitutional Crisis?

These two groups clashed in Gov. Palin's name. Ultimately, their respective protests may not have been about Gov. Palin at all. Did not one of the leftists say, "I am a communist. I hate the Constitution"? Did not our current President - an avowed leftist, a socialist - once say he thinks "the Constitution is a flawed document"?

The pro-Palin group meanwhile clearly stated one of the reasons they love and support her: "She believes in the Constitution."

Very dangerously, these clashing protests were quite likely about conflicting visions of our Constitution. Gov. Palin last week referred to an article written by Thomas Sowell who authored a book called none other than A Conflict of Visions. People got upset because he drew a parallel to our current political climate and the rise of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei - National Socialist German Worker's Party - otherwise known as "Nazis."

We are indeed facing a time of choosing: our Constitutional federated republic, or a socialist regime.


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