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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sarah Palin's Executive Experience: Real and Spectacular

Gov. Palin is second from the left front row.

See? I told you so.

Executive experience was a focus of the 2008 campaign. In the nascent days of my supporting Gov. Palin, I had noted that of the four people on both tickets, she was the only one with any executive experience whatsoever. The man at the top of her ticket - John McCain - has no executive experience. Neither did candidate Biden. Candidate Obama only had for his non-Senatorial (state and federal) resume, community organizing, and an editor's position on Harvard Law Review - though what he edited there remains a state secret. I have often written that while Obama was a fantastic fund-raiser and would have made a great used car salesman, he would not be fit to be president of the dealership.

One does not simply get executive experience. It is gained on a scale of progression. In the private sector, the first rung on the ladder to the executive suite is front line supervisor, then department manager, and so on.

Put aside "R," "D," right, left, liberal, and conservative. Obama never traveled this road in either the public or private sectors. He never held a leadership position of any kind. He never was even a front line supervisor. Today, Byron York, of the Washington Examiner vindicated my thoughts held since those fledgling days in "the Sarah business." York wrote, "Obama ignored Palin's experience as governor of Alaska, which was considerably bigger than the Obama campaign." Ridiculously, Obama cited as executive experience his campaign for President. York continued, "Fast forward to 2010. The oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico is gushing out of control. The Obama administration is at first slow to see the seriousness of the accident. Then, as the crisis becomes clear, the federal bureaucracy becomes entangled in itself trying to deal with the problem."

Obama's lack of executive experience prior to becoming POTUS could not be more painfully clear.

Sarah Palin: 20+ Years Executive Experience in the Public and Private Sectors

As Governor (Master List 2006 - 2008 and 2009), Sarah Palin managed a $14 billion budget. She knows how to compute the Net Present Value of a dollar and apply it to a state budget. Her financial administration was over a state whose revenue fluctuates widely, entirely dependent on the price of a barrel of oil.

She was co-commander-in-chief over the 49th Missile Defense Battalion, which performs ground-based interception of intercontinental ballistic missiles (nuclear missiles). This unit is on permanent full-time active duty. She was full commander-in-chief over the Alaska State Defense Force, which is a US Homeland Security-recognized to conduct counter-terror operations.

Her span of control encompassed tens of thousands of state employees. She held chairmanships and vice chairmanships. She worked her way to the top from city council to mayor, to governor, roles of increasing responsibility each time. She still runs a commercial fishing business with her husband. Years ago, she broke her hand on the job and went back to work the following day, gill-netting thousands of pounds of salmon. Most mere mortals would have been out of work six months.

Gov. Palin is an expert on international trade. Meetings with consuls, diplomats and other foreign dignitaries were routine business for her. Gov. Palin did not need a set of Twin Towers to operate her gubernatorial WTC. She was Alaska's Twin Towers.

Today, Gov. Palin is operating her own media empire consisting of a Fox News consultancy position, two special TV series, speaking engagements, and is working on a second book, after authoring a six-week best-seller. Driven out of the governor's office and nearly to bankruptcy by ethics complaints, nary 10 months later, Gov. Palin is reputed to have earned the equivalent to what she would earn serving six presidential terms.

She has become such a financial powerhouse, that New York Magazine penned a hit job titled, "Palin, Inc." The difference between us and them is that we celebrate Palin, Inc. We want to see Palin, Inc. expand. Earn even more income. Because we know, Palin, Inc. will re-invest the profits into serving our nation. And for Gov. Palin, make no mistake about it - at this point in her life - a presidential run truly is service - she would be taking a huge pay cut - to answer her summons.

Leftists: Masters of Sexism and Misogyny

Gov. Palin went to a horse race to bet on a horse named after her husband's nickname. The horse was the underdog and placed third. So, what did the sexist leftists report on? Gov. Palin's white tee shirt. Her hat. Reader commentary focused on the apparent size of a certain aspect of the female anatomy. Only Irish Central and our Missy Stewart bothered to draw a linkage to this story, Gov. Palin's prior overcoming of adversity and the trajectory her life is on.

Meanwhile, a group on Facebook suggests using Gov. Palin's body to plug the BP oil leak. Leftists yuk it up and find this humorous. Never mind that the Secret Service would pay a visit to anyone setting up such a group on Facebook in reference to any sitting president. Leftists routinely post their wishes for all manner of harm to come upon Gov. Palin. They find it amusing and all in good fun. They want to take away our guns, but they want Gov. Palin shot. They champion women's rights - "feminists" they call themselves - but they want Sarah Palin gang-raped.

Sarah Palin's Executive Experience: Real and Spectacular

Gov. Palin has accomplished much in her 46 years on this planet. US for Palin is re-constructing her entire life's accomplishments, a major but inspiring undertaking. Here, you will read about what a woman can do.

Everything about Gov. Palin is real and spectacular.

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