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Friday, June 18, 2010

My Phenomenal Trip to Alaska: Part 3- A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

Since my last post, I have gotten back into the swing of things and back to my normal routine. My trip to Alaska was a very memorable, and I cannot wait to go back to the “Last Frontier.” Before I begin this blog entry, I just want to send a HUGE shout-out to phenomenal common-sense Conservative Talk Radio Host and Blogger Extraordinaire Tammy Bruce. For those of you who know Tammy, you know she is a valuable, no-nonsense voice to the common sense conservative movement. Not only can you count on her to tell it like it is and always report the facts, but she is a great defender of Sarah Palin. I have had the honor of getting to know Tammy via Twitter. Yesterday, Tammy was nice enough to retweet my latest blog entry, and later I was added to her blog roll. For those of you who do not know what a blog roll is, it’s a list of websites that blogger finds to be interesting or worth reading. What an honor! I just wanted to thank Tammy for taking the time to read my blog and for seeing my blog as worthy of being listed on her excellent site. I will continue to work hard to spread the message of common-sense conservatism!!! Make sure to check out Tammy’s website and blog here and make sure to listen to Tammy's show on her website!!!

Now, on to Alaska…

I left off part two of my blog with a description of my time at Ericka Burke’s fun-filled wedding. There is so much of my trip that I want to share with you. The wedding wasn’t the only fun event we attended that weekend. On Sunday morning, we attended church at the Wasilla Bible Church, which is the home church of Sarah and her family. What a great service and awesome bunch of people. We had fun singing country-themed hymns and listening to the pastor’s sermon. It was a great service, and the people were so welcoming and friendly. Later that day, we headed over to have dinner with Tracey Porreca (my awesome friend and photographer who provided many of the photos I posted in my last entry) and her husband, Tony. What a dinner we had. Tony and Tracey spoiled us with a great home-cooked meal. We feasted on chicken and beef shish kabobs, home-made pasta salad and iced tea. If that was not enough, we were surprised with moose burgers too. Now, let me tell you. I am a big lover of all things protein, and I was excited to finally be able to try a meat that Alaskans get to enjoy daily. During the campaign, I became a bit envious of Sarah when she talked about moose burgers and moose chili, but I never thought I would one day get to try it. Well, folks, I got to try moose, and I must say, it was sooo good!!! Not only was the moose juicy, but it did not have the typical “game” after taste that so many forms of protein like venison so often have. I also loved the fact that it was so much healthier than standard beef. Tony cooked the burger to perfection, and I ate my burger up sans the bun just because I loved the flavor of the meat so much. Am I making you jealous yet? If so I’m sorry. If for anything, go to Alaska just for the moose- you will not be sorry!!!

As the beginning of my last week in Alaska began, I started to look forward to seeing my friend, Camille. As my regular readers know, Camille and I co-host a radio show entitled The People’s Post Live. She also has an awesome blog and is helping out Eddie Burke’s run for Alaska’s lieutenant governor. Camille and I have become great friends because of these areas we share, and I could not wait to get together with her in Alaska and catch up. Since we wanted to save some of our sightseeing for when Camille arrived, we decided to rent a canoe and paddle around Lake Lucille where we were staying at the Lake Lucille B&B. (Note to the wise: A stay at this bed and breakfast is a must. Not only is it located on a beautiful lake-front location, but the owner, Carol, is so sweet and she has decorated the B&B beautifully. She also cooked us the most delicious breakfasts everyday during our stay.) Since we were staying on the same lake where the Palin house is located, I knew I couldn’t pass up the chance to see the house in person. I also knew that I couldn't pass up the chance to see the jerk (Joe McGinniss or Joe McCreepy, as the Palin kids appropriately call him) if I got the chance.

As we paddled around on the lake, it made me think of my time spent every summer at my family’s cabin near Lake Tahoe. The beauty and serenity was a much-welcome change from the hustle and bustle of my hometown of San Diego. The birds were chirping, the ducks were bobbing their heads into and out of the water, and I even had the opportunity to see a muskrat swim to the side of the canoe as he made his way back to his home on the shoreline. We almost had the lake to ourselves, and I was reminded how lucky I was to be in Alaska. As we passed the houses, many of which had boat docks and planes equipped with floats so they could take off and land in the water, it was fun to see the many ceramic owls that were strategically placed on edge of each of the docks. As we got closer to the Palin house, I could see why Todd and Sarah picked Lake Lucille as the place in which to build their home. The peaceful lake was a spectacular, crystal blue and the people who occupy the houses on it were nice, normal everyday people. The Palin family is too. Sure, the family is a household name, but to their neighbors and the rest of Wasilla, they are just the Palins, and I know this is how they want to be recognized. Sarah’s house looked just like many of the other houses on the lake. Sure, it was newer than most and had construction of a garage addition going on next door, but if one did not know what the Palin house looked like, they would think this house were just an ordinary, beautiful house. Their house is gorgeous. My favorite part was the many floor to ceiling windows that overlooked the lake. As I paddled by, I could imagine how much fun Willow, Piper and Trig must have just looking outside those windows in the wintertime at the huge, white snowflakes and making snowmen and snow angels in front of the frozen lake they call their backyard.

After paddling past the Palin house, we came to McCreepy’s rented lair, and wouldn’t you know it, “shame on you, Joe” was sitting on his deck and looking right at us. I immediately thought to myself, “Hadn’t he seen canoers before?” Ha ha- Did we look that out of place?” After he saw us and watched us for a minute, he hurried inside of his home. This guy really is a piece of work. After all, you must really be a nut job when you leave your home to travel to Alaska to move next door to the former governor of Alaska to write a tell-all about her and her family. What a loser. I can name plenty of other ways this guy could be spending his time. How about traveling to flood-ravaged Tennessee or the oil-ridden gulf and helping with relief efforts? Has he ever thought of taking up a cooking class or better yet, a class on manners? As I looked at Joe’s house, I couldn’t help but notice the American and Alaskan flags hanging from the decks. The Alaska flag especially caught my eye. Doesn’t he know that the majority of Alaska thinks he is creepy for setting up camp to spy on the gov? It seemed to me that the flag was his way of saying, “I don’t care what you all think. Suck it, Alaska because I am here to stay.” I was tempted to take a picture of Joe sitting on his deck, but I withheld from doing so. Even though I easily could have, something inside of me said that I shouldn’t stoop to his level, so I substituted the picture for a snarky glare that I hope he saw. Hear that, Joe? It is scary to think this guy in such close proximity to the Palins. His house is literally a few hundred feet, if that, away from the Palin’s house. Thank God for Todd and that fence. It’s unfortunate, though, that the Palins can’t just be themselves and trust all of their neighbors. A house should be one’s castle- one’s place to feel safe and secure in. What this creep has done is taken this right away. Joe McGinniss has invaded the lives of the Palins, and he has the nerve to say he feels like he is being harassed and bothered? He has the nerve to call the good people of Wasilla, Alaska, Nazis? Shame on him!!! The good people of Wasilla did nothing, but welcome me with open arms into their city- whether it be at a gas station, coffee shop, restaurant or on a street corner.

In the end, I am glad I didn’t resort to McGinniss’ level. I may be a talkative girl, but at least my parents raised me to always value honesty and integrity. I hope you have been enjoying my Alaska adventures. In part four, I will talk about my time with Camille, lunch with the lieutenant governor, walking in the Colony day’s Parade in Palmer, and my time with Chuck and Sally Heath. Thanks again for taking the time to read my blog, and I will see you soon for the next installment of my Alaska shenanigans.

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