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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gov Palin’s Endorsement Victories Lock & Load for Nov.

Governor Palin Interview with Tammy Bruce Regarding Candidate Endorsements

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Palin Power: Reactions to Governor Palin’s Influence in Campaign 2010

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Governor Palin On Hannity Reacts To Super Tuesday Results

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Governor Palin On Scoreboard With David Asman

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Gov. Palin Interview with Megyn Kelly, Fox News

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Nikki Haley on Fox & Friends Talks About Palin Endorsement

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Bill Kristol: If You’re Running In A Republican Primary You Want Palin’s Endorsement

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Palin Power: Her Endorsements Carry Significant Weight

As the sun rose this day, June 9, 2010, over 80% of Gov. Palin's endorsed candidates thus far emerged victorious. Though Gov. Palin, in her humility downplayed the importance of endorsements, mainstream media (or what we often call "lamestream"), professional pundits, bloggers, and the endorsed candidates themselves all agreed: Gov. Palin's endorsements are valuable and carry significant weight. The anger of those whose candidates did not secure an endorsement is also strong anecdotal evidence to support this assertion. After all, people do not get angry over something that is of little value or not worth caring about.

Nikki Haley, Victorious and Grateful

Politico's Andy Barr cited the success of Nikki Haley's campaign, despite allegations of two affairs as evidence of the power of Gov. Palin's endorsements. Haley's spokesman Tim Pearson called Gov. Palin's endorsement a boon to the Haley campaign. Nikki Haley expressed her gratitude on Fox and Friends and said she would love to have Gov. Palin campaign for her in the general election.

Fiorina Defeats Devore as Predicted

In California, Gov. Palin's endorsed candidate Carly Fiorina easily defeated Devore. As Barr noted, Gov. Palin went against some of her supporters who view Fiorina as a RINO and Devore as a true conservative. Gov. Palin, as delineated in our coverage of the race knew that Devore simply could not muster up the numbers to win the primary much less the general election..

Iowa's Terry Branstad enjoyed a similar outcome under similar circumstances to Fiorina easily defeating Bob Vander Plaats.

The Mechanics of a Sarah Palin Endorsement

Barr noted that Gov. Palin uses the Susan B. Anthony List (owners of Team Sarah) as a resource to select conservative candidates. Ian Lazaran, Conservatives4Palin today discussed a Time Magazine article which gave insight into Gov. Palin's endorsement methodology. Gov. Palin tends to prefer underdogs who have the potential to win with her helping hand.

Locked and Loaded for November and Beyond...

With many of the primaries concluded, the focus shifts to November's general elections, key to defeating Obama's agenda. Once the foundation is laid in November, as Tammy Bruce said in her interview, "why put off for 2016 what you can do in 2012." Our vigil is posted...

Sometimes the Best Man for the Job is a Woman

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