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Monday, June 28, 2010

Gov. Palin Made Money The Old Fashioned Way: Earned It

Governor Palin's detractors have a rather strange fixation with the idea that she gets paid well for some of her speaking engagements. Anyone who follows news related to Gov. Palin will invariably encounter a story in which her speaking fee is a major subject of discussion, with the implication that there is something wrong with her earning money to speak, and consult.

People Spend Major Money To See, Hear, Bond With Gov. Palin

People pay big money to see and hear Gov. Palin speak, whether it is a Washington Speakers Bureau paid speech, rally, book signing stop, or other event. VIP privileges at Gov. Palin's command even greater sums often reaching a stratospheric $5,000/person, that money going to benefit the event organizers, not Gov. Palin. Even at her free events, people spend thousands of dollars, travel thousands of miles, and endure waits of over a day just to talk with Gov. Palin for 10 seconds, shake her hand and get an autograph. Several members of the US for Palin staff have done precisely that.

The "Cashing In" Meme

Gov. Palin's detractors bristle and see it as "cashing in." They posit that all she cares about is money and herself. It's not just leftists who carry on with this meme; so-called conservatives who should know better have jumped on that bandwagon.


Gov. Palin is a sought-after speaker, which is why she is on the Washington Speaker Bureau's roster. The Washington Speakers Bureau is in business to earn a profit. They earn their money by providing high-demand speakers - such as Gov. Palin. The Bureau schedules and coordinates her events - a win-win for the Bureau, the event organizers, the participants, and Gov. Palin herself. Most importantly, there are no misunderstandings, as there were in Gov. Palin's pre-speakers bureau days, when her small staff was overwhelmed with thousands of requests, while operating a Political Action Committee.

Feminism: Celebrating a Woman's Success

Anyone who claims to be a feminist should be proud of what SHE has accomplished in the past 18 months alone. It was not too long ago that Gov. Palin was a VP candidate on a losing ticket who returned to being her state's governor. Her enemies saw the trajectory she was on and drove her out of office with a barrage of frivolous ethics complaints and lawsuits that was threatening to bankrupt her. Today, Gov. Palin is reputed to have earned over $12 million, from speaking engagements, sales of Going Rogue, her consultancy on Fox News, and TLC's Sarah Palin's Alaska still in production. Women should see this success and be inspired. Gov. Palin did not inherit this money, wheedle it out of an estranged ex in alimony, or engage in any unseemly activity. To steal a line from the former Smith Barney, Gov. Palin made her money the old fashioned way. She earned it. What's wrong with that?

Capitalism Works

If we believe in capitalism, we should celebrate, not chastise Gov. Palin for earning money, as New York Magazine did with its derogatory "Palin, Inc." article. At US 4 Palin, we see Palin, Inc. as something to be celebrated. Perhaps New York Magazine should give copies away gratis - and not take advertising. Maybe MSNBC should follow suit. After all, if we cannot trust Gov. Palin's motivations for charging for her work, why should we trust New York Magazine, and MSNBC? Sounds silly? Because it is silly.

People will spend thousands of dollars on expenses related to all things Palin, because there is a strong market for her, and her message. Gov. Palin's detractors know this and it strikes mortal fear into their hearts.

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  1. No way, capitalism? How dare we think such a seditious thing!

    I wonder if these folks think Ronald Reagan did all his speeches for free when he worked for GE.