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Friday, May 28, 2010

Shame on You, Joe!!! A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

There are a lot of words I could use to describe this character Joe McGinniss, but I have promised myself that I would keep this blog as clean as possible. For those of you out there who don’t know Joe, he is the whacky guy who tried to bid on dinner with the Sarah for the auction she participated in some months back. He also is known to follow the gov around. And if that isn’t enough, now he has moved in right next door to Sarah Palin and her family. Now, usually a new neighbor is welcomed into the neighborhood with open arms and potluck foods or some yummy homemade cookies, but this neighborhood situation is a little bit different. This is because Joe’s latest stunt is penning a book about Governor Palin and her family. This guy is not decent in any sense of the word, and nothing good could come from his writing this book.

This guy is out to target and destroy Sarah, and it seems nothing other than maybe a very high fence can keep him out. I don’t deny that it is this man’s First-Amendment right to write any sort of book he wants to, but did he really have to move right next door to the Palin family to write it? This is not only creepy, but downright outrageous. If I was Sarah or Todd, I would feel very uncomfortable for my children and grandchild to be outside in the backyard with this gentleman living right next door. A family’s home should be a personal castle. This man is acting more like a member of the paparazzi than a friendly neighbor. If this man has any dignity at all, he will respect the Palin family’s privacy, but something tells me this man will not give up until he has the expose he seems so intent on writing. I do not blame Sarah for being upset. I find it hypocritical that members of the loony liberal left are calling her a crybaby, but defend celebrities from the paparazzi. I do not see the difference. Once again, the liberal left have no shred of common decency when it comes to defending Sarah Palin. They are unable to clearly see when a line has been crossed. The Palin family is no different from any other family in that they too deserve their privacy. It would be very wise for Mr. McGinniss if he wised up and realized this. It is clear he has not wised up yet, but maybe he will when hears the construction going on next door with the construction of that huge fence, which I learned Todd just completed. Todd and Sarah, I have a suggestion for you: If it is not too late, paint the side of the fence facing Mr. McGinniss’ house a really ugly shade of chartreuse. That way, he’ll have something to look at and get the welcome he REALLY deserves.

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