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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sarah Palin: New Series Will Be About Alaska's Natural Environment and Its People

(Video of Governor Palin's remarks can be found here.)

Governor Palin spoke about her upscoming Alaska documentary series at the 2010 TIME 100 gala. OTRC reports:

Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin said that Americans will benefit from watching her upcoming documentary, Sarah Palin's Alaska.

"We're going to be showing off the beauty and the uniqueness and the ruggedness of Alaska and our natural environment and the characters who live up there and make their living," she told reporters at the TIME 100 gala Wednesday night. "It's going to be a good thing for the rest of America to see."

Contrast this with the Alinskylike claim of Defenders of Wildlife, who have launched a politically-motivated attack against the show in the guise of a concern for wildlife:

"The program will be character driven and centered around Sarah Palin and the pioneering people who make up our 49th state. There will be no politics, policy or advocacy associated ...with this program. It is not a nature documentary, a travelogue nor will it endorse any natural resource or wildlife management policies."

Our group of sponsors, which represent a total of over 30 Sarah Palin support sites, launched a petition drive on April 20 to counteract the left's attack on Governor Palin's new Alaska series. A copy of the petition and the signatures collected up until that date were delivered to Discovery Communications in Silver Spring, Maryland on May 5 with the request that it be delivered to the shareholders meeting at 10 AM that morning.

From all appearances, the radical environmental group plans to continue their attack against Governor Palin's series. Therefore, our petition drive will continue unabated as we support Discovery Communications and Governor Palin and "Sarah Palin's Alaska". Sarah Palin supporters everywhere look forward to this new series with great enthusiasm.

Please join us in our support of Governor Palin's new Alaska documentary series by going here and signing the petition.

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