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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Palin: Mr. President, Do Your Job. Secure Our Border

Gov. Palin and AZ Gov. Jan Brewer. Special thanks to Missy Stewart for supplying photo.

Following is the complete transcript of Gov. Palin's Facebook Note in which she addresses AZ doing the job the federal government is supposed to be doing:

Let’s respect the hardworking, accomplished legal immigrants who sacrificed much, contributed selflessly, and helped build America into the greatest melting pot on earth! We need to understand the importance of America’s fair immigration laws.

Erasing U.S. borders will destroy our country as we become less safe – and this national security issue is what Arizona and other border states are addressing with reinforcement of federal immigration laws. They have to do it because the feds aren’t doing it.

I spoke with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer yesterday, and she reminded U.S. citizens that, despite President Obama’s ignoring this grave national security threat, his dismissal of the need for border security is no laughing matter – and it’s being used as a political tool to divide her state along racial lines.

The Arizona immigration law mirrors the fed’s own law. It sure would be helpful if the Obama Administration would read the short 10-page bill before laughing about it and condemning it. And it would be helpful if the media would actually read it before twisting reports on its content.

Log on to securetheborder.org to learn more and show your support for our sister state of Arizona!

We’re all Arizonans now and we say with clear unity: “Mr. President, do your job. Secure our border.”

- Sarah Palin

In this matter, as in all others, Gov. Palin is presidential. We await the moment when we can address her as "President Palin," or alternately, "Madam President."

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