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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Palin and Defense Contractor Dine to Support Wounded Troops

During the time Governor Palin electrified the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, she dined with a defense contractor at a restaurant owned by a former US Marine. The venue and the dinner guest could not have been more Providential. Cathy Maples, President, R & D Electronics won the dinner with a $63K bid in a Ride2Recovery charity auction to benefit wounded soldiers, which we covered in a prior interview.

Devito: When we last spoke, I had asked, “Though the principal purpose of a dinner such as this is to help wounded veterans, you will be in Gov. Palin’s company for up to four hours….please elaborate on your opinion and support of her.”

You responded….”I like that she is for smaller government, less taxes and the government being on the side of the people. She understands that the Senators, Congressional people, and the President are hired by the people to work for the people (I don’t believe some in Washington are aware of that any longer, they belittle the opinions of the voters). I believe she would listen to the people who elected her and want what is best for our country in lieu of politics as usual in Washington.”

Having dined with Gov. Palin, has being in her company reinforced your conviction that she would listen to the people who elected her, and do what is best for our country? If yes, why and how so?

Maples: "Yes, she is very personable and honest. She has integrity and virtue, something that is hard to find in a politician."

Devito: Can you describe the moment you first saw Gov. Palin and met her?

Maples: The first time I met Gov. Palin was in Greensboro, N.C. when she was running as Vice President with John McCain. She was electrifying, and when she walked into the room, her charisma and fearlessness in the face of adversity was apparent.

Devito: How much time did you spend in Governor Palin’s company?

Maples: I went to a fundraiser with her before the dinner, so total time was approximately 3.5 hours.

Devito: Describe what it was like to be with Gov. Palin; any special rapport or bond you may have developed her or members of her family.

Maples: It was like being in the presence of Royalty and also like being with a real person at the same time. I think the rapport or bond is the admiration I feel for her in how she has always worked and set her sights on something higher if it was in God’s plans for her.

Devito: Who else was present?

Maples: The two guys who work for her, Jason and Doug were present along with a super-good photographer.

Devito: Where did you eat?

Maples: We met in New Orleans the weekend of the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. We ate at Restaurant August, which is owned by a former US Marine, John Besh.

Devito: Was there some aspect of this dinner or trip that you would regard as a life-changing experience?

Maples: I think the experience was a life-changing moment for my grandsons, to see someone that cares about the United States and what happens to it, even above their own political aspirations.

Devito: In our last interview, you expressed concern about the trajectory our nation is headed on, particularly as regards federal spending and debt accumulation. You regarded it as a serious enough issue that you said, “If we continue spending another three years plus four more years at the rate we have the last 12 months, I am afraid the United States as we have known it will no longer exist.” Now, five months later we have seen the passage of ObamaCare. The BP oil rig explosion will provide Obama with the handy excuse he was seeking to continue the same failed energy policies of the last several decades; he is now seeking to implement a massive cap and tax scheme. He has a special knack for alienating allies and emboldening enemies.

Do you see “the United States as we have known it no longer existing” happening now on an accelerated track compared to five months ago? Consider that as of this writing there are still 989 days left in his administration…just under three years.

Maples: Yes, I think with ObamaCare, the cap and tax (which will be devastating to our economy) and the issues we now have with Israel and Iran about to go nuclear that we are on the “Concorde” to my grandchildren never knowing the United States that I grew up in. Also, the comments about making too much money: we have always had a free market where the people who strived and worked hard could be rewarded. Now, those same people are being demotivated. It takes these type people to generate jobs and energize our economy.

Devito: Having spent 3.5 hours within a few feet of Gov. Palin, what are your thoughts on her ability to reverse and heal the damage inflicted by Obama if she were to run for POTUS and win the 2012 election? You wrote five months ago that you would love to see her in the White House in 2012? Has this dinner reinforced that for you? If so, how and why?

Maples: This dinner has reinforced me wanting her in the White House. I believe with her ethics and common sense (she is definitely not your politician as usual) she could certainly begin the healing process that is needed after the damage that has been done to our country in the last 15 months.

Devito: Do you see Gov. Palin being able to do to reverse the trend toward losing our way as a nation, prior to 2012 – in her current capacity as a private citizen?

Maples: I think she is energizing the country now as a private citizen. It feels good to know someone is on our side and is brave enough to speak out even with the unfair criticism she has encountered.

Devito: Finally…the penultimate….anything you care to add….

Maples: We had an awesome time; it was the chance of a lifetime for me and my family. I pray God’s blessings and guidance for Gov. Palin as she continues to inspire and motivate the American people.

R & D is a Native American Woman-Owned 8(a) company, supplying electronic assemblies, distribution and control boxes, electro-mechanical assemblies, and optics to the United States government and its prime contractors for over 30 years.

Held in partnership with the Fitness Challenge Foundation, the R2R raises money to support Spinning® Recovery Labs and outdoor cycling programs at Military and VA locations around the U.S. to help injured veterans overcome obstacles they face. Cycling is an important part of the recovery and rehabilitation program for two reasons:
  1. Cycling is an activity that almost all patients with mental and physical disabilities can participate.
  2. Participation in the Ride 2 Recovery Program helps speed up the recovery and rehabilitation process.

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