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Thursday, May 27, 2010

From the Palin Compound......

News just in from the Palin "compound" on Lucile Lake: a new fence has been constructed.

Earth-shattering news indeed, but I want to focus on something else.

I provided a link above relating to the use of the term "compound" as it relates to Sarah and Todd Palin's property on Lucile Lake. Please take notice of who is using the term "compound" and think about what you envision when you hear that word.

When I think of the term "compound", I think of a gated property that encircles a mansion within its midst. I think of guard dogs and security personnel armed with weapons. I think of money and power.

I think of many things, but I don't envision a piece of property where a fence bisects a distance of 20 feet between you and your neighbor. I don't think of a piece of land that may total a few acres, as is evidenced by this aerial view of the Palin "compound":

I've had friends that had lake property this size. It usually entailed the ownership of two lots of lakefront. We didn't refer to it as a compound, we referred to it as a lake cottage, although the Palins have obviously built their home on such a lot.

The LSM wants you to believe that the Palins are living in a "compound", a world of privilege and wealth. I don't see that.

What I see is a modest home on a beautiful lakefront property. If the new house going up next to the Palin's house belongs to them, so be it. They have the money to expand. Isn't that what we all hope for?

Here is a picture of my "compound":
Damn! The "compound" crew forgot to cover the grill last night after I finished cooking pork chops. Heads are going to roll.

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  1. I understand some will take the term, "compound" as negative, but I like it! Palin deserves a compound, only something larger and with better security (Todd's good, I'm sure, but I'm think something platoon-size or above).

    When that bum gets run out and the Palins acquire the property, making it a nice little "compound" would be awesome.