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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Second Birthday, Trig Palin

By Adrienne Ross - www.motivationtruth.com

Happy Birthday, Trig Palin!

Governor Palin tweeted the following picture of Trig:

Unfortunately, some people--and I use the term lightly--have decided to post disgusting comments where the governor has posted Trig's picture. How do they live with themselves? Yet some of these same people will whine and complain that we're the ones promoting hate. They will reap what they have sown.

Thank God most people are leaving loving well-wishes for Trig, and I added my own.

The truth is Trig Palin is a blessing and a gift from God. The fact that he is has totally transformed my way of thinking, and I am so glad his parents have shared him with the world. He has been created in the Father's image and covered in His love.

Below is a full post I published in December called "Trig Palin's Testimony." It deserves to be copied and pasted here on his birthday.

(Video H/T Sinistar)

When I see Trig Palin, I smile. When I see him smiling and playing around with his father--as he is in the video--and kissing his mother--as he is in the picture--I smile even more.

Trig is a testimony to the beauty and value of all God's children. I thank God for families, like the Palins, who recognized from the beginning that "every good and every perfect gift" comes from God.

I shake my head when I think about this startling statistic: 90% of Down Syndrome babies are aborted. Look at Trig's smile, hear his giggle, sense how much his father loves him, feel how much he loves his mom--and tell me he's not worthy of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." You can't, because he is, as is every single life.

Thank God for His wisdom; He gave Trig to just the right family.

Happy second birthday, Trig. The best is yet to come!

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