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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sarah Palin's Army: The Strategy

Defining and Overcoming the Realities of What Needs to Be Done to Take Back the GOP and Ultimately America

Conservatives have learned to infiltrate a game being run by liberals and Chicago political insiders and we have played better than them at it. We have protested the government in the streets and at the Capitol better than they ever had when they were the loyal opposition. We’ve gotten our message across at town hall meetings everywhere better as well. From a guy dressed as a pimp and a girl dressed as a prostitute to two guys who score a moment on Fox and Friends to show “Go Sarah” written on their hands, I’m friggin proud of all of you, man (wiping a tear from eye).

But, the movement that is doing so well, and which is leading us to massive 2010 electoral victories is not yet a slam dunk according to Sean Hannity, who warns we can still blow this thing. He fears we will get complacent or distracted. Complacency won't happen. Distraction can. That's where we need to be careful. While we all show a united front against health care reform and at Tea Parties across the nation, there is still a looming battle in the back of our minds that we know needs to be fought within the GOP before we can fight the even bigger battle with the Democrats in 2012.

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