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Thursday, March 11, 2010

"PIPELINEGATE" and the White House

By NYPalinPower - www.nypalinpower.blogspot.com

Why is the President of the United States suddenly getting publicly involved in Alaska politics? It seems curious and timely that all of the sudden Obama decides to make a complete 180 degree turnaround and is so very interested in becoming directly involved in the same Alaskan Pipeline project that Sarah Palin has for years has been working on and had finally secured funding for.

President Obama has just announced he is getting the White House to oversee the Alaska Pipeline project and is sending an envoy to Alaska to work with and oversee the project with the state legislators. So now, we have the White House controlling state business. And that's really funny because Governor Sarah Palin had already secured this project already along with then Lt.Governor Sean Parnell. Do you think the President wants to take over the project and take the credit away from Sarah Palin? Perhaps he has an interest in hurting Sarah Palin by destroying her project altogether and preventing it from going through? Maybe he is so angry at her that he is using the White House to get back at her? Does he want to hurt Sean Parnell's chances of re-election? Could the President be abusing the privilege of his executive power? Hmm? I don't know, but if he is, then this is a scandal. I'll just call it "Pipelinegate".

There are two reasons for this, I think.

Alaska Governor Sean Parnell, who took over Sarah Palin's job last year is up for re-election. He is way ahead in all the polls to get the Republican nomination. The general election will be held in November. Parnell has been working very hard on the Alaska Pipeline project along with Sarah Palin when she was governor, and the project has been on track to receive the funding it needed from Alaskan legislators (at least up until this week when it was announced the President is taking over). http://www.conservatives4palin.com/2010/03/alaska-rep-mike-hawker-still-opposing.html

But why would the President use his executive power to hurt Sarah Palin? Could she be a possible threat to his re-election campaign in 2012? Could it be that he is a little bit angry that she is running around the country going to bat for conservatives to unseat legislators in Washington who are not doing their job, mostly Democrats? Sarah is a patriot and she is doing it for her country so it can get back on the right track. If conservatives (mostly Republicans) win the elections, then the Republicans might have enough seats in the House and Senate to take over a majority and gain control of Congress. If this happens, the President will be in a weaker position than he is today. Do you think he is angry about that? Or maybe he is angry because Sarah Palin saw some major flaws in his healthcare legislation which he desperately wants to pass, and she gave the public the heads up?

Gosh! Is it really worth it Mr. President to scandalize yourself and abuse your White House privileges because of your anger? This could hurt your chances in 2012 for re-election. Why do you take the chance? Have you already decided you will not run for a second term?

This is only the beginning, folks. I think "Pipelinegate" will become huge and the President will be caught in an even bigger scandal than Nixon was a part of. He is using his power of the executive office to hurt the other side politically. He is manipulating Alaska's state business for revenge instead of doing his job as Commander-in-Chief leading our country into prosperity and peace at a time in which our country needs a leader.

For more information on "Pipelinegate" and the players involved in it, go to:


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