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Saturday, March 6, 2010

NBC Debunks Laugh Track Lie about Gov. Palin

The Hollywood Reporter exposed yet another malicious falsehood written about Gov. Palin. This time, the Daily Kos, falsely accused NBC of adding a laugh track to "enhance enthusiasm" for Gov. Palin's appearance on the Jay Leno Show (Hibberd, 2010, ¶1). Just as with two other lies debunked this week, NBC categorically denied adding a laugh track or any other enhancement to the Gov. Palin segment of the Jay Leno Show (Hibberd, 2010, ¶7).

James Hibberd, wrote, "Clearly the Daily Kos poster isn't a Palin fan (and would lose a spelling bee if given the word "responsibility") (Hibberd, 2010, ¶6)."

Further, RonDog of Free Republic was actually in the audience and filed this dispatch:

Since I was actually in the studio audience last week when Governor Palin made her "comedy debut" – with a small band of "Palin palm print"-bearing FReepers (and FRiends) who had crashed the party with the intention of acting as "Ed McMahon" to Sarah's "Johnny Carson" – I call BS on their widely-reported, but easily-debunked, "laugh track" conspiracy theory (RonDog, 2010, ¶5).

What we are witnessing is "The Big Lie" being perpetrated by the left. To paraphrase Joseph Goebbels, make the lie big enough and tell it often enough and the lie becomes the truth. Lying is also a classic Saul Alinsky tactic. To steal from the song Dirty Laundry - "We all know that crap is king," which it truly is for Obama, his entire administration, and their minions.

Seeding lies was the basis of the false ethics charges that ran up millions of dollars in bills for the State of Alaska and over $500,000 in bills for Gov. Palin. She resigned mainly to shut down that nonsense. Meanwhile, here in New York State, we have a feckless governor who could not lead if his very life depended on it and is embroiled in a scandal involving domestic violence on the part of an aide and a cover-up of same. This is a real scandal, yet he remains governor.

The left seeds these stories knowing full well they are lies and knowing full well that the truth will come out. They do it, because the ignorant will believe it and they're hoping enough people over time will disavow Gov. Palin and thus neutralize her as a threat to their evil socialistic agenda.

The bottom line is, NBC did not enhance the Tonight Show for Gov. Palin and did not have to. She was the enhancement.


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