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Sunday, March 28, 2010

McCain says Palin is not inciting violence

The health care bill has sparked a wave of tension, bringing death threats and vandalism to politicians on both sides of the fence and has many pointing fingers as the tide of anger and outrage grows. Sarah Palin's comments on Twitter had many on the Left citing that Palin's choice of words and a graphic of crosshair targets on her Facebook page were "inappropriate."

Palin's twitter message ... "Commonsense Conservatives & lovers of America: “Don’t Retreat, Instead – RELOAD!” Pls see my Facebook page," drew as much attention as can be expected from many of Palin's posts.  Some Republicans saw the attention as a distraction method, trying to veer Americans away from the most important issue at hand--healthcare itself.

Ann Curry of NBC's Today Show pressed the issue when Sen. John McCain appeared on Thursday. McCain was asked about, what Curry described as, Palin's "incendiary language."

"Those words have been used throughout my political career," McCain replied. "There are targeted districts, and there are areas that we call battleground states, and so please, that rhetoric and kind of language is just part of the political lexicon. There is no place for threats of violence or anything else, but to say that someone is in a battleground state is not originated today."

After a testy back-and-forth, Curry said, "I think it is the 'reload' and 'crosshairs' that's caused a lot of people to be concerned, senator."

"We condemn any violence, any threats of violence," responded McCain. "But I've heard all of that language throughout my political career."

The Arizona senator said that anger about the bill "should be channeled into voter registration and to continue the struggle that we're in to regain America and stop mortgaging our children's futures."

Palin addressed the issue on Friday, while campaigning for McCain's re-election, calling it a "ginned-up controversy."

"We know violence isn't the answer," Palin said Friday. "When we take up our arms, we're talking about our vote. This B.S. coming from the lamestream media lately about us inciting violence, don't let the conversation be subverted, don't let a conversation like that get you off track."

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