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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gov Palin Rocks the Jay Leno Show

Complete video transcript of Gov. Palin's appearance on the Jay Leno Show. Retrieved from PalinTV


BURBANK, CA: Governor Palin rocked the Jay Leno show in her March 2, 2010 appearance, which fused policy issues and comedy routine. Gov. Palin began the show by providing a cue card, written in Sharpie ink on her left palm - a reference to her TEA Party Convention speech, in which she wrote several key words on her hand. Later in the segment, Gov. Palin related how she adopted the practice in her youth from her father, Chuck Heath, who was a science teacher and wrote notes everywhere. The Governor said she would continue the use of her "poor man's teleprompter" to annoy liberals.

Leno provided a comedic segue when introducing her. In his reference to the Olympic biathalon, he asked how does one ski, then shoot a rifle, then said "that might be a typical date night for Sarah and Todd." Throughout the segment, Gov. Palin was able to fuse her core messages of energy independence, limited government, low taxes, Second Amendment, Alaska, and the media with humor. In the more serious portion, she spoke about her Fox News Analyst position, how it is a return to her roots, and how she hopes to be a catalyst for a return to hard news reporting without interjecting opinion into the coverage. Gov. Palin spoke about media attacks on her family and the apparent double standard which prohibits these attacks on other public figures' families.

In the final third of the segment, Governor Palin exited the stage then returned and performed several minutes of stand-up comedy on health care, Alaska, Congress, Obama, and herself.


Governor Palin's performance on the Jay Leno show was perfect. Addressing serious policy issues and performing comedy routines are difficult enough when they are mutually exclusive. It takes a special skill to fuse them and produce a show which delineates the issues in a humorous way. Governor Palin has a strong objective ego and is able to laugh at and poke fun at her own self. Jay Leno and Gov. Palin had a good rapport and played off each other. Her wardrobe and demeanor were relaxed, poised and appropriate to the venue. The outcome was a very enjoyable 14:35 that left the viewer wanting more.

Appearances which show Gov. Palin's relaxed, fun side are to be commended. "All work and no play" aside from being boring also provides an incomplete glimpse into Gov. Palin as a person. These shows and discussion about her personal life provide a more complete, well-rounded picture of her, enhancing her likability, while engendering support and appeal in a diverse mass market extending far beyond her normal base. A complete, well-rounded picture is critical, because two and one half years from now, we may have the opportunity to throw a lever next to her name.

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