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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gov Palin: ObamaCare Product of Obama's Inexperience

Video Retrieved from Fox News: On the Record with Greta Van Susteren.

Governor Palin acknowledged that some fixes are needed to the existing health care system: the ability to purchase insurance across state lines, tort reform and state rather than federal involvement. "This comprehensive takeover of the health care system that the private sector can run better than the government is nonsensical and it is not supported by the public. It is very frustrating to watch this process happen to us," Gov. Palin said.

When asked about how the bill failed to be bi-partisan, Gov. Palin said it was absolutely a broken campaign promise by Obama. Greta Van Susteren had noted that over 100,000 people were calling the Congressional switchboard every hour.

Obama Has no Prior Executive Experience

Gov. Palin cut to a root cause of the problem with Obama and his methods:

"It really reflects the lack of experience of President Obama's, which it was warned about during the campaign - that candidate Obama did not have executive experience; he hasn't been an administrator or manager of anything, so to jump into this huge, hugely important responsible position as President of the United States without the experience to know how to work across party lines and to know how to administer and to manage a team to get policy through that makes sense and is supported by the people - it's a bit over his head if you will and things are not going well, and the public is really voicing their frustration. That's what you mentioned in the 100,000 plus calls that are choking up Congress' switchboard right now. That's the voice of the people and their frustration," Gov. Palin said.

Digging In Leads to Corruption and Vote Buying

Gov Palin explained that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) were dug into their positions with no way of backtracking. The result has been all manner of corruption, influence peddling and vote buying. "There is no other way to get this thing rammed through than to purchase the votes of some of these fence sitters," she said.

How to Gain the Support of Those Who Did Not Vote for You

"There has to be that talent or gift incorporated within you as an administrator to be diplomatic and to compromise when necessary. President Obama, and Speaker Pelosi and Harry Reid haven't been able to compromise at all. They haven't invited the Republicans in to hear their broad-based incremental type support for some of the steps that need to be taken to reform health care. They haven't listened to the Republicans on this. They've dug their heels in and that's caused this train wreck that's about to happen."

What about the Un-Insured?

"We need more health care providers for one. There are steps that states can take to [provide incentives] for providers to come. Let the states take control of some of the health care fixes that we have to see instead of the federal government thinking it needs to come in and take over." Gov. Palin delineated the steps that Republicans have introduced which have been ignored, such as the ability to purchase health insurance across state lines.

"This comprehensive take over of health care is I think the absolute worst way that we can ever imagine trying to fix the things that are broken with health care in America," Gov. Palin said.

What About Yes Votes?

Gov. Palin predicted that those in Congress who vote "yes" on ObamaCare are highly likely to lose their seats in November. She also said that most "yes" votes are influenced by vote buying and sweetheart deals.

Citizen Activism

Greta Van Susteren noted that citizens appeared to be more politically active and involved now. Gov. Palin responded that many of her friends who ordinarily are independent and not politically involved are very concerned about federal takeover and control over something that "involves such an important aspect of our lives."

"The private sector, our businesses, our families and the states can do a better job," Gov. Palin said.

Further, Gov. Palin said that even those who vote "no" but who do not voice opposition to ObamaCare will likely be subject to contested primaries.

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