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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Targeting the Kindest Among Us: A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

When looking at how the Obama children and Palin children are treated by the media and Hollywood, it is clear there is a huge double standard. I don't have to tell you about the countless numbers of attacks that have been aimed at the Palin kids, while the Obama kids are continually praised and left alone. The treatment the Obama kids receive is the same treatment that the Palin kids should be privy to. Remember, you don't have to think that far back to the time when President Obama declared a candidate's children should be "off limits" to attacks. I agree with President Obama for once, but I will take his point one step further. I believe ALL children should be off limits when it comes to personal attacks. Supposedly we live in a time in which tolerance is preached, but isn't it funny that those who preach it, do not seem to practice it themselves?

I don't have to go into detail listing the countless number of attacks the Palin kids have had to endure; you are well aware of many of them, but it is the latest attack that has me sickened with disgust at Hollywood in general. Many of you have probably already heard about the hurtful lengths the FOX Hollywood sitcom Family Guy went to this past Sunday, Valentine's Day. For those of you who are unaware of the controversy at hand, here is what happen: This episode depicted a young woman with Down Syndrome. Not only did they make this woman have a snarky attitude, which is terrible in itself, but it is what was said and whom was referred to that was the most tasteless. When asked by another character to talk a little bit about her family, the young woman replied that her dad was "an accountant" and her mom was "the former governor of Alaska." There it is again- another cut at Sarah and her family. Trig Palin is a child who is not even old enough to tie his shoes, let alone defend himself- He's a small child for goodness sake. Where is the justice? Where is the respect? Where are the special needs advocacy groups to speak out on this injustice? Where is the head of the Special Olympics to speak out about this? After all they recently spoke out against Rahm Emanuel's "retarded" comments. Where are the groups to defend innocent, little Trig Palin?

This is the kind of story that effects all of us personally. Like many of you, I know many individuals who have Down Syndrome. How dare this show make fun of Trig and people like him? I am so disgusted at the tasteless actions of Hollywood, and I sometimes find myself ashamed to even admit that I live in such close proximity to it. Don't get me wrong. I love my state and the great people who live here, but when liberal Hollywood continues to belittle individuals and push a liberal agenda, it does a HUGE disservice not only to others, but to image of California in general. It is wrong to make fun of those with special needs, let alone unfairly portray them as snarky. I have NEVER run across any person with Down Syndrome who has such an attitude. On the contrary, if the Family Guy folks had any common decency, they would have at least portrayed the character in a fair manner, but then again, this is Hollywood, a place where decency seems to have flatlined.

The individuals whom I personally know with Down Syndrome are not snarky or mean in any way; instead, they happen to be the kindest, gentlest, most generous people who walk amongst us. It is no secret that they know they are different than everyone else, yet they have a can-do attitude and are so resilient to those who make it a point to let them know they are different. Why make it harder on them? Why continue to belittle them and treat them as outcast members of our society? I strongly believe that individuals with special needs are what make our country so great. They are so strong and loving that these Family Guy Hollywood types and those like them could learn a thing or two about acceptance and unconditional love. When individuals with special needs are treated differently, they they know it. Trig is a child who will grow up with enough challenges, so why do individuals continue to make it harder for him? It is time for Hollywood to realize that no two individuals are alike. It is time they quite making fun of people and start treat EVERYONE with the respect they deserve.

The attacks the Palin family continues to endure illustrate just how divided our country remains. Remember when Mr. Obama said he was going to bring the country together? I do too. His words sounded great at the time, but the inaction on his part when it comes to this issue speaks volumes especially after he and members of his administration have made hurtful comments about those with special needs in the past. Our country seems more divided than ever. The partisan politics that exist today leave me to wonder if our country will ever heal from its divisive wounds. While many are attacked, it seems as though the attacks aimed at the Palins far outweigh the attacks others receive. When are people going to realize that attacking a child is the most evil attack of all.

My good friend, Camille Friend, who runs the blog The Design Conservative
has written about this issue too. She was nice enough to list the show's sponsors on her site. I encourage you all to read her post here. I also encourage to visit and read this post by Adrienne Ross, another good friend of mine who runs the blog Motivation: Truth.

LIST OF SHOW SPONSORS for February 14, 2010 episode:

Camille is right when she writes: Contact the sponsors below to let them know how you feel about the decision of Family Guy producers to make light of the challenges facing Trig Palin and his loving family. Encourage these companies to stand up for the Palins and the thousands of families like them. Tell them that enough is enough! - tdc

* Fox Broadcasting Company - 310-369-1000http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif
* YUM! Brands (Pizza Hut) - 502-874-8300
* Red Bull North America Inc. - 310-393-4647
* Mars, Inc. - 703-821-4900
* Toyota Motor Sales, Inc. - 800-331-4331
* Bally Total Fitness Holdings Corp. - 773-399-1300
* Pfizer, Inc. - 212-573-2323
* Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company - 312-644-2121
* Universal Pictures - 818-777-1000

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