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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Super Bowl Weekend is Time to Thank Those who Chose Life: A Post by Eddie Burke

Eddie Burke was nice enough to write an Op-Ed for Rachelle Friberg's blog Conservative Girl with a Voice.

Sarah Palin, Pam Tebow, Linda Burke and Many More...

I was interviewed last week on Pro-Sarah Radio with Host, April-Liesel Binapri. During the interview, April and I discussed why the liberals dislike Sarah Palin so much.

One of the issues that came up was abortion. As we all know, Sarah Palin chose life when confronted with all of the negative possibilities of giving birth to her Down Syndrome child, Trig.

The pro-abortion crowd is so evil, and they have continuously ridiculed Sarah for choosing life. You should see the things they do and say up here in the Last Frontier.

In a photograph of Sarah holding little Trig in her arms, a liberal blogger had the nerve to distort this image by photoshopping my face onto Trig's face. It was disgusting. Because of my support and friendship with Sarah Palin, that’s the way they chose to make fun of her and me.

As we conservatives know, if you’re not liberal, then you’re dumb… and if you’re not dumb, then you’re racist or homophobic or a "Tea-Bagger" or whatever Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals would have them call us. The photoshopped image was just what Saul Alinsky ordered when he said, “make it personal” in his infamous book Rules for Radicals.

My Wife, Linda, and I were confronted with a similar situation 25 years ago. Linda went in for her regularly scheduled sonogram and was subsequently told our daughter, Terrin, might be born Developed-Mentally Disabled or with many serious health issues. Our doctor suggested abortion. We chose life!

Because we chose Life, our Daughter, Terrin, is now 25 years old and is a wife and a stay-at-home mother of two healthy children; she’s not The Heisman Trophy Winning Quarterback, but she holds a Black Belt in Karate and lives a very successful life. Here is the part that drives the liberal feminazis crazy: Terrin loves her husband, and her husband loves her.

We should ask ourselves why the pro-abortion crowd attacks women who choose life, but celebrate the choice of death? For it is not their battle to keep abortion legal that concerns me most; instead, it is their assault on women who choose life that should cause us greater concern.

A more recent example in terms of the debate over abortion is the Tim Tebow story. The following is a clip from a Politico article:

--A Super Bowl ad from the socially conservative Focus on the Family featuring former Florida Gators football star Tim Tebow has created a scuffle between abortion rights groups.

The Heisman Trophy winning quarterback — one of the most celebrated college football players of all time — has cut an ad with his mother Pam, who tells of her decision not to end her 1987 pregnancy in spite of advice from doctors to do so. Pam Tebow and her husband were working as missionaries in the Philippines at the time when doctors there advised her to have an abortion due to health concerns. She did not, and Tim Tebow was born.

As I have watched this debate unfold, I hear the pro-abortion side argue the point that “The ad will restrict a woman's access to reproductive freedom.” How does the advertisement stated above do that? It simply doesn’t!

The ad only informs viewers that Pam Tebow chose life and her decision has been a rewarding one. The ad does not advocate either way; it only tells a story about a personal decision Pam Tebow made.

The reason these pro-abortion groups are throwing such a fit is because the advertisement is true, and they CAN'T combat it. Why is a group that embraces “choice” so afraid of free speech and a choice that Ms. Tebow made?

I write today to thank Sarah Palin, Pam Tebow and a special thank you to my wife, Linda, for having the wisdom and courage to choose life. I was the typical 23-year-old guy in the mid-80s who thought abortion was a reasonable solution to an unreasonable situation, but Linda knew differently…. she was a mother, and she instinctively chose life.

Sarah Palin knew better…. Pam Tebow knew better, and most of America’s women today know better too. Just within the last few years, polling shows that a majority of women define themselves as “pro-life.”

To all the women who chose life, your living children thank you! Some have said Sarah Palin is a “quitter,” but the only quitters I know are those who abort their children.

Eddie Burke is the Host of “The Eddie Burke Show” on Smart Radio 700 KBYR. Follow him on Twitter here. Eddie has been married to his Wife, Linda, for 27 years and has lived in Alaska for 38 years. Eddie and Linda have four Children and three grandchildren, all currently residing in Anchorage, Alaska. Eddie was also mentioned in Sarah Palin's book, "Going Rogue" as “A great radio host.” Eddie is a former Chief of Staff in the Alaska State Legislature, a small business owner and loves Classic Cars.

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