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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

SarahPAC Fulfilling its Mission

Book Purchases Proper, Customary and Routine

Governor Palin's enemies take Baskin Robbins approach to the drivel they spew on her with "flavor of the day" manufactured scandals. Today's flavor is that SarahPAC - drum roll please - bought copies of Going Rogue - to fulfill a promotion in which donors at the $100 level or greater got a signed copy of the book. This "scandal" is laughable. Was Harper or a bookseller supposed to give away thousands of books? Or maybe, Governor Palin was supposed to front the cost of them out of her income? As Kevin McCullough noted in his excellent article on the subject, SarahPAC likely bought the copies at a significant discount and minus royalties to the author (McCullogh, 2010, ¶12), meaning she did not profit from the sales of this lot. McCullough does a fine job in establishing that there was no attempt to "rig best seller status," so I won't belabor that point here. I got my second signed copy of Going Rogue via this promotion.

Furthermore, the Republican Governors Association also ran the same promotion concurrent with SarahPAC's, and that was promoted on the forerunner to this blog, "Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's Accomplishments."

As a Donor

I am a mid-range donor to SarahPAC, and I am listed on the FEC disclosures. I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of. As a donor, I have a vested interest in the organization's success, and how the money I have entrusted is used. As a donor, I have the obligation to know and understand what I am donating to. As a donor, I have a financial interest in Gov. Palin's success. I donate, because quite frankly, Governor Palin has given me something to believe in again. I want her to succeed in all that she does. I do it, because there is one person in politics -- not just in the United States, but on the entire planet who I trust unconditionally with the use of my hard-earned money. She is Sarah Louise Heath Palin. I trust her, because I have followed her work for well over a year now and she is a far better financial administrator than some crackerjack MBAs out there. Many of us feel a tight bond with "our Sarah", so we do symbolic donations reflective of our bonds, both public and private. Regular readers of this blog have seen the promotions for those. Strong hint: there's one coming up for her 46th Birthday on February 11, 2010.

Even though I trust her unconditionally, as a donor, I have the right and obligation to ensure that my donations are being used correctly. I do this by reading every FEC disclosure filed by SarahPAC. I am 100% satisfied that the money entrusted to SarahPAC by every donor, including myself is being used correctly and for its intended purpose. I have seen nothing untoward, unreasonable or out of the ordinary on the PAC's expense (disbursement records). The PAC's expenses have been reasonable, customary, and appropriate to its operations in my assessment. I have seen the candidates supported in the latest iteration of disclosures and I am very pleased with what I saw. Governor Palin and her organization are honoring their word. SarahPAC is fulfilling its vision and mission.

As a Publisher and Promoter

As the editor and publisher of a blog, which among other things supports, and promotes SarahPAC, and routinely runs items encouraging people to donate, I have a fiduciary responsibility to read and understand these disclosure statements. I am, after all representing all over the Internet that money spent on SarahPAC is money well spent. So, I have a responsibility to my readers be 100% certain that their money is going to a worthy cause that is being operated ethically.

Donor Incentives are Proper; SarahPAC Should do More of them

SarahPAC should be encouraged, not discouraged from doing these donor incentives. Other PACs on both sides of the aisle do it. I would like to see routine incentives offered at various strata in a manner akin to that done by Public Broadcasting Corporation TV channels such as Thirteen. I'd like to see these incentives not just for the one shot/manual donors, but for the monthlies. SarahPAC is fertile ground for branded merchandise and (lower strata), VIP privileges (mid- and upper-range). SarahPAC has raised over $2 million dollars without even trying very hard. I want SarahPAC's staff to fund-raise till they drop from exhaustion, and when they get back up to fund-raise even more. I want to see SarahPAC flush in money that Governor Palin can use to get her message out, and support conservative candidates nationwide over the next three election cycles.

These cycles are crucial and SarahPAC is on the front lines of stopping the Obama administration's evil agenda.


McCullough, K. (2010, February 2). "MEDIA EXPOSE: *SHOCK* Palin did what?" TownHall, Kevin McCullough, Musclehead Revolution. Retrieved February 2, 2010 from: http://kevinmccullough.townhall.com/blog/g/21513ad5-c4f1-4298-8c1e-1dfa0d491de3

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