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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Redneck Nirvana

My interests in NASCAR and my interests in politics will meet this Sunday in Daytona. The ideologically hot Sarah Palin will be at the race. "Rogue-ity, rogue-ity, rogue-ity! Let's go racing, boys!" Ronald Reagan has also been an attendee at the NASCAR classic.

As is always the case with Sarah Palin, bashers go into convulsions, drool all over themselves, need to have nurses clean up their soiled drawers and have to have emergency laptops brought into the operating room so that they can read The Huffington Post. It's the only thing doctors say can save a PDS victim before they flat line.

But the truth of the matter is Sarah Palin bashers are not just about bashing Sarah Palin. They bash her because she represents a significant portion of the population that they don't like. Elitists don't like hard working, rough and tumble middle Americans who go to both church and the track. These all American values represent an existential threat to liberalism, an ideology that believes we should all live in East Berlin style housing, keep our poor reliant on the government for their subsidies and that God is some outdated concept.

The idea of a gun toting Dale Earnhardt fan who still drives a truck with the number 3 sticker on the back setting up a good old tailgate complete with braats, chicken and cold beer simply scares the bejesus out of some weaselly faced environmental whacko sitting in their upper west side loft spewing off blogs about how great President Obama is. I kind of wish Keith Olbermann would go to a race so that the rednecks can flip the porta-potty over when he goes to the bathroom. But I digress.

The fact of the matter is, if you check out this website, bashers will not only bash Sarah Palin, they will bash race fans for being white trash, rednecks. Although I originally lived in New York, and am not a redneck by birth, I find I have more in common with the good ole boys here in Richmond than I do with the snobby elites up in New York. I left New York because I hated all the stupid liberals up there. The taxes were ridiculous and the cost of living high.

So I lift a high hearty middle finger to the hop head who wrote the blog about "Redneck Nirvana," and revel in the fact that instead of living in a basement apartment on Long Island and paying rent to a granola eating Rachel Maddow fan, I own my own house in a state that is governed by the great Bob McDonnell. I'll take that kind of conservatism over New York liberalism anyday.

And it's true. I actually do live next door to a guy named Bubba. And, the people across the street from me are diehard Sarah Palin supporters. The Bob McDonnell for Governor lawn sign I gave them is still up and my friend Billy's dad still has a "I voted for the chick" bumper sticker on his truck. Yeee haaaaa, liberals.

I live ten minutes from Richmond International Raceway. I actually got into NASCAR 10 years ago when a friend of mine who lived down here before I did handed me a beer at 11 am one Sunday in 1999 and said "we're watching NASCAR" today.

So even though Sarah Palin will have no official duties at the race, expect to see her on camera and possibly hear from her as well. There should also be some good media coverage as well. While Weed for Speed might think he is dissing us, I would be proud to call it Redneck Nirvana!

And if the media wants to bash Sarah Palin, to quote John McCain "we don't care."


Additional tidbits:

-First off, happy birthday Governor Palin!

Your mere existence has made so many lives more livable and tolerable during the Obama years. Without you, it might have been us who ended up in the mental hospital drooling all over ourselves as our country went down the socialist toilet. But instead, it's them. Although in power, liberals are the ones who end up having to run to their shrinks at the mere mention of your name. And that's a good thing.

-I recently published a hard hitting post whereby I basically told those who think the real America we live in is non-existent and that if they wanted to call Tea Partiers or Palin supporters anti-intellectuals and anti-American than it's the Joe Kleins of the world who no longer be included in the country that at least I know as America.

Ultimately, the post not only gave me an avenue to vent, but to also put forth my contention that liberals were acting like children and that they should grow up. In my America, we can disagree freely and we can have dialogue, debate and discourse. But we have to draw the line when it gets childish and personal during a time of war and great economic hardship. Robert Gibbs, please write this on your hand: "no more Palin jokes."

-Some of you might get mad at me or misunderstand me if I don't explain, so let me make myself perfectly clear (why can't we find a better way in English to say that?) I don't agree with Joe Biden when he says Sarah or we are "out there." I think he doesn't fully grasp the power of the movement and so in his mind he doesn't think the movement is big enough to be a threat. We know Joe has a different opinion than we do. But I want to commend him (and also Michelle Obama) for acting like adults when responding to a question about Sarah Palin.

Vice President Biden didn't start foaming at the mouth or drooling all over himself (and neither did Mrs. Obama for that matter). He stated maturely and professionally that he liked Mrs. Palin (at one point calling her Sarah and then correcting himself and changing it to Governor Palin - it's okay, Joe, if Sarah can call you Joe, you can call her Sarah). The liberals should take an example from this. Disagree with us, Joe and we disagree with you. But thank you for acting like an adult about it.

-Read Adrienne's post. It's excellent.

-Let's not forget another "idiot" that wasn't qualified to be president:
Cannon paints an abysmal picture of Ronald Reagan as President. The entire book is founded upon the premise that Reagan was emotionally and intellectually unprepared to assume the nation's highest office. By the time he assumed office, the septuagenarian Reagan is totally disinterested in the day-to-day affairs of running the country. He permits Cabinet members with rival agendas to battle it out, and does nothing to resolve internal political conflicts. Briefings from his advisors are largely ignored; Reagan actually falls asleep in many meetings! When briefing others, reads from a carefully prepared script, written by advisors on index cards. When asked to deviate from set-piece situation, Reagan flounders. All of these problems eventually lead to conflict and confusion in government policy, especially in the are of foreign affairs.
History does repeat itself, doesn't it?

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