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Friday, February 19, 2010

No Guts? No Glory!

I am a lifelong conservative Republican who believes in Ronald Reagan's 11th commandment that thou shalt not speak ill of other Republicans. There are some right now who need to abide by the same commandment amongst their own unless they want to hand the liberals a victory when the movement fractures because some bozos are running off at the mouth. Take Grover North and David Keene for example. Or look to George Will and Dorothy Rabinowitz for the smell you want to be able to identify when recognizing old school elitists. Leave the Palin bashing to the left and let's get on with taking back our country.

I don't want to have my belief in the Tea Party or conservative movements ruined because some cry babies are pissed that Sarah Palin didn't show up at their event, endorse their candidate or mention their guy's name on her Facebook page. I'm a strong believer that the TEA Party and conservative movements need to infiltrate and take over the Republican party. I'm far from an insider. But there are some folks who may be among us who are making me nervous about that right about now.

Quite frankly, I don't want to go into battle with a bunch of mealy mouthed flip floppers who throw a tantrum everytime Palin does something they don't like. I'm far from a RINO lover, but I do know one thing about winning elections and that is if the tent is big, you win. I also know that winning requires building coalitions. Sometimes that means accepting people you normally may not always agree with. For me, the only enemies are true liberals, progressives and statists. I'll work with anyone to stop them as long as they work with me.

I keep my mouth zipped about the other candidates for the 2012 GOP presidential race. I'm capable of liking and respecting them even if Sarah's my first pick. When we (and I mean the movement) win in 2012, everyone should get into the new administration as far as I'm concerned whether it's top dog, cabinet level or an advisory position. But I'm beginning to re-think that now as I see folks identifying themselves as some who may just have to ride it out the next administration in the cheap seats if Palin gets the nod. I'll respect and support whoever the nominee is, but I'm not going to fight a war with traitors amongst the ranks or get behind anyone who wouldn't afford Sarah Palin the same respect.

The primaries will determine who the Republican candidate will be, not an op ed writer, a pundit or some jerk shooting off his mouth at the CPAC convention. The real convention is in 2012. I know Palin is not the only candidate that has a shot at winning. But those who want to undermine her for the sake of getting their own way at the expense of the greater movement need to understand that I and many other Palin supporters are not going to rally behind anyone who sticks a knife in our back. Let's be prepared to be united either way instead of being pissed off at each other. Otherwise, be prepared for four more years of Obama and file all the hard work everyone has been doing in the "wasted our time" file.

The Tea Party and conservative movements have a great future. But some in the movement show its rougher edges along with their own rigidity. Being judgmental and and too demanding of those who want to help the cause won't get us into the White House. Lest we turn into an angry mob for real and give the liberals what they want, we need to be more careful of what we say and what we do. I'm not saying don't express an opinion or resolve differences by consensus, but when full blown Palin Derangement Syndrome starts rearing its ugly head in a movement I'm working hard for, it makes me question whether or not I should be chasing girls instead of writing blog posts. Why waste my time with "faux" allies?

I know we already have a Reagan. Many others either don't want to accept that or they really genuinely feel that she's not it. That's fine. I'm not asking everyone to come here today and pledge a blood oath to Sarah Palin. If I had to eyeball it, there is a solid 30% of the base who agrees with me on her merits. It may not yet  be enough to win a general election alone, but the potential is there and we have two years to build it. Detractors be wary if they think the movement can win it with just the other 70% either. Just give Sarah a chance instead of chasing her and her supporters away. Look at how far she's come since she was the VP nominee (and she was huge then!).

At some point, I would hope the uncertains see the light and join forces in creating the greatest monster the Democrats have ever fought since Reagan. If not, than they still need to figure out what to do with all that lightning in a bottle she has. No offense to those who bad mouth Sarah or support any of the other candidates, but if you got anybody that can motivate people more than she can, show them to me. But if you want Palin out of the movement, fess up now so I don't waste any more of my time or yours.

I don't care who you want to be nominated in 2012. I'm only going to have your back until I find out you don't have mine.

And if some of you wimps can't stomach the Palin bashing because you believe everything you read in the mainstream media or you go to pieces thinking she can't win an election everytime you read a hit piece on her, this fight to take back the shining city on a hill is not for you. How can we fight the liberals who will smear anyone who gets the nomination in 2012 if we're not willing to stand up for Sarah Palin now?!

Read my page Fight for the Right and understand not only the tactics, but realize how high the stakes are. You have to stomach John McCain and I have to stomach Rand Paul. Now stop whining and criticizing. We have a shining city on a hill to take.

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