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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gov Palin & O'Reilly Discuss Tea Party & Special Needs

Governor Palin discussed the Tea Party Movement with Bill O'Reilly, today December 16, 2010. At the heart of the discussion, were radical elements within the Tea Party and how they could effect the movement's effectiveness. Regarding the concern that the Republican Party could co-opt the movement, Governor Palin said that most Tea Partiers are independent and not registered to either party and are expressing frustration with Washington insiders not listening to them. The GOP would be wise she said to listen to Tea Partier's calls for smaller, smarter government.

In this segment, Governor Palin discussed the Family Guy episode in which "Emily," who has Down Syndrome states that her mother is the "former governor of Alaska," an obvious reference to Governor Palin and her son Trig. Governor Palin delineated the Obama administration's track record on special needs from poking fun at Special Olympians, to to the Rahm Emanuel use of the term "retard," among others. She described how she asked her daughter Bristol her thoughts on the episode and chose to Facebook Bristol's comments, rather than her own. Bristol, was "far more gracious than I could have been," Governor Palin said. She indicated how Bristol said that "those in the special needs community are among the most loving people. Why pile it on them and and make their lives more challenging?"

Governor Palin reiterated that when she spoke at the Republican Convention on September 3, 2008, those with special needs would have a friend and advocate in the White House. Though her ticket did not win, Governor Palin said, she still has the same passion to making this world a more "welcoming place for all innocent people."
"I'm going to keep pursuing that in our country until we are a more tolerant, compassionate, welcoming place for the innocents."
-- Sarah Louise Heath Palin

Both videos retrieved from PalinTV.

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