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Friday, January 1, 2010

Strong 2009 for Going Rogue

By Adrienne Ross - www.motivationtruth.com

Going Rogue had a great 2009, accomplishing more in its short life than much older pieces of nonfiction.

It ended the year at #1 on Publisher's Weekly Best-Sellers List for hardcover nonfiction and #1 on the Wall Street Journal Best-Sellers List for nonfiction.

Congratulations, Governor Palin, on the success of your memoir--and it's still going strong.

(h/t Tommy Report - C4P)

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  1. It should be noted that Going Rogue was Amazon's best selling book, not just non-fiction, but all books, for the months of October (pre-release), November and December, finishing up as Amazon's 5th best selling book of the year. Not bad for a book that didn't go on sale until Sept 30th. BTW, with just one full day of sales, GR was #40 for September.

    GR also finished as Barnes and Noble's 3rd best selling book of the year.

    Even in the San Francisco Bay Area, GR is #3 among INDEPENDENT bookstore sales, despite the fact that many stores there have refused to stock it.

    By comparison, Hillary Clinton's Living History finished 2003, its year of release, as Amazon's 17th best selling book, and it was released in June of that year. Bill Clinton's My Life ended up as Amazon's 5th best selling book of 2004, and it was released in June of that year.

    0bama's book, Audacity of Hope, finished 2006 as Amazon's 12th bestselling book. It was released in October of that year, got a lot of hype from 0prah, followed by a 17 city book signing tour.

    In 2008, despite a tremendous amount of hype during both the primaries, and the general election, Audacity of Hope finished as Amazon's 31st bestselling book, and Dreams from My Father, also heavily hyped, finished as Amazon's 20th bestselling book.

    Palin's book out did all of them, and a much shorter time span.

    BTW, Going Rogue is the ONLY book in 2009 whcih was Amazon's bestseller for 3 months in a row.