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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Palin encourages riding the tide with commonsense candidates

Sarah Palin joined Greta Van Susteren by phone Tuesday night on Fox News' On The Record, weighing in on Scott Brown's upset win in the Massachusetts Senate race.

Palin who never officially endorsed Scott Brown, but did tweet in favor of him, said she would have if he had requested it.  "I so respected that he didn't call in a whole lot of outsiders asking them to come do the bidding for him," Palin said. "He did this himself. And that again was kind of that underdog status of his that is so respected."

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin also placed a phone call to Brown on Tuesday night to congratulate the Republican on his historic victory.

Palin told Greta, "You just witnessed a wicked political pivot across our country, and I think this victory of Brown's can't be overstated -- not just Brown, too, but look at the recent developments in New Jersey and Virginia, now Massachusetts. This is a tidal wave that's sweeping the country that's telling politicians in D.C. the status quo is not acceptable."

Palin stated on her Facebook page that she hopes this empowers the working man and woman to get involved in their government. Palin stated how she's excited to continue to get out and help elect candidates who will fight for the people.

"I look forward to helping Governors like Rick Perry in Texas, Representatives like Michele Bachmann in Minnesota, and heroes and statesmen like Senator John McCain," Palin wrote. "We will support these candidates and others so that they can continue to fight for our American values. The special election yesterday in Massachusetts was truly amazing. It is a clear indication of things to come and a demonstration of the momentum we all share in the fight for the values and policies that will get our country back to work."

America's journey to November shall be an interesting one!

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