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Friday, January 29, 2010

Massive Collection of 'Going Rogue' Book Tour Photos Nearing Completion

The Sarah Palin "Going Rogue" Book Tour Collection of photo galleries on the Sheilah Craighead Photography website is almost complete. There are now photo galleries for 31 of the 35 stops of Governor Palin’s Going Rogue tour. All that are left to go are the book signings in Sandpoint, Idaho, Elmendorf and Eielson Air Force bases, and Sarah’s hometown, Wasilla, Alaska.

The website offers this background information about Ms. Craighead:

Photojournalist Shealah Craighead is an expert at documenting history. Her
discretion, professionalism and enthusiasm, as well as, her background
photographing for the Boston Globe, Associated Press, and Getty Images led her
to positions as the photo editor for the Office of the Vice President and
Official White House Photographer and former First Lady Laura Bush's personal
photographer. Shealah then went on to serve as Governor Sarah Palin's official
photographer throughout the recent 2008 Presidential campaign. Currently,
Shealah is based in Washington DC and offers her services as a seasoned campaign
photographer to candidates seeking election to public office; most recently as
Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison's campaign photographer for Gov. of Texas 2010.

The Going Rogue tour galleries are listed in chronological order and currently range in size from 619 photos to 2257 photos, with most containing over 1000 photos. They can be accessed directly on the Collections page or from a chronological list on the website’s homepage. There is also a list of links in alphabetical order by location on the Sarah Palin Photo Galleries page on the Sarah Palin Information Blog.

Individual photographs can be viewed by mousing over them individually on the gallery page or by doubleclicking to select an individual photo. To purchase photos, you must set up a free Photo Shelter account. Photos can then be added to a Lighthouse for viewing later or to a shopping Cart for purchase.

Prints, photo magnets, and photo cards are available for purchase. Images may be downloaded for personal use, but they are copyrighted and written permission must be obtained from Sheilah Craighead Photography for other use:

To publish an image, contact the photographer directly. This image is for
personal use only, not to be manipulated in any form or medium. The image is not
for archives/reuse/resale/for third party use or for personal gain agenda; not
usable for advertisement/products, or promotional purposes suggesting
approval/endorsement without express written consent by Shealah Craighead

There is a Contact link at the bottom of the webpage.

Thousands of people who attended the book signings can now download (for personal use) or purchase their own photos from the various book signings. As the massive Sarah Palin Going Rogue Book Tour Collection nears completion, the wait will soon be over for all the Sarah Palin supporters who have anxiously awaited the publication of their photos from the Going Rogue book tour.

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