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Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Was Wrong About SOTU. It Was Worse Than I Thought.

Before I explain how Sarah Palin made me feel like an idiot last night, let's address the one part of yesterday's post where I still think I'm right. I wrote:

Politically, it will be impossible to serve his master, the liberal left, and those who elected him, the American people, at the same time. He must pull the trigger on one of them.
Last night, President Obama not only pulled the trigger on the American people by doubling down on Cap & Trade and Obamacare, he also fired off a round at the Supreme Court, causing Justice Alito to say "not true." Joe Wilson was not needed last night since it was now the judicial branch's turn to call the president a liar. He also fired at Senate Republicans. Whining about the super majority needed to get his agenda through, Obama called the GOP the party of no and complained that blocking his agenda was "not leadership." It was highly ironic that the president and Democratic leaders of Congress, who have been slapping away every Republican proposal, would have the gaul to say "if you have any better ideas, let me hear them."

You can't tell your ideas to a deaf man.

So, in the choice between serving his master, the liberal left or the people, Obama chose his master and left the people disenchanted and disconnected again. It's my way or the highway. It left me wondering if Rahm Emanuel had written the speech.

But, as I finish wiping the egg off my face for the rest of my post, I can't help but to still be stunned that the president would even have the balls to press health care and cap and trade (even as members of Congress laughed at him about the global warming comment). This guy really doesn't get it. He didn't hear the people in Virginia. He didn't hear the people in New Jersey. He didn't hear the people in Massachusetts. The only people he heard were those inside the beltway in his inner circle. These are the same people that continue to tell the president to stay the course even if it means slamming into the iceberg ahead.

I was ready with chips and dip and a cold one. Amateur pundit, political science junkie and conservative Republican, I was totally the man yesterday. I told everyone that Obama was going to BS us and try to make us think he was moving to the center even though he really wasn't going to do it.

Then Sarah Palin came on Fox News and basically said that he wasn't going to change course and that he was going to continue to push his agenda. She was right. I sat there staring at the screen, my ego bruised by my hero. She called it.

Today, we sit here and nothing has changed. The speech has done nothing for those on the right who continue to criticize Obama's agenda as out of touch and disconnected from the American people.

The highlight of last night was Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell's rebuttal. On that, Sarah Palin and I agree.

I think there was quite a bit of lecturing, not leading in that, as opposed to Governor McDonnell's follow-up comments, quite inspiring his connection with the people. He absolutely gets it, he understands government's appropriate role.

I was expecting hope and change last night, even if it was just lip service. Instead, I got a "lecture."

-cross posted from my Townhall Blog The Shining City on a Hill.

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