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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gov Palin Discusses Her Leisure Life with O'Reilly


In this interview, Governor Palin discussed her leisure pursuits with Bill O'Reilly. Governor Palin confirmed that she hunts moose, caribou, buffalo. She skins, butchers, freezes and eats the meat, and feeds her family with the same. "We eat; therefore, we hunt," she said. "It's part of that 'Alaskana' culture. It's a healthy, active lifestyle that we so enjoy up there."

The last movie Governor Palin saw was The Proposal by pay-per-view at the family home. "It was a such a great movie....It integrated a lot of an Alaskan theme and environment," she said. Governor Palin has an iPod she uses for running loaded with Southern Rock and Country Western songs. Some of her favored artists include John Rich. Governor Palin runs six miles a day if possible, else she takes kick-boxing classes. "I bet you when you run, the moose run faster when they see you," O'Reilly said jokingly.

The remainder of the interview pertained to vacation venues and paparazzi.


Some would take issue with a human interest story such as this, but Governor Palin is a living, breathing, human being. She is one of us, and items such as this help us know her better and tighten our bonds with her. It's so often said, that "it's not the person, it's the message." If that were the case, then why bother supporting Governor Palin or anyone else for that matter? We could all just run and get elected, yes? The reality is, millions of people can share the same political belief -- whatever it may be -- but some people are able to enunciate that message; and execute policy that aligns with the message. Some people are able to draw a crowd, inspire others to follow and support them, and inspire people to work towards Transformational Change. These people are called Transformational Leaders.

Talk show host Rush Limbaugh, now a colleague of Governor Palin's once said that she could 'fill a room with 20,000 people by doing nothing more than reading from a cookbook.' Ron Devito, the author of this article would not even be able to get five people into a room for the same cookbook reading. So, the mantra that it's purely the message and not the person is pure, unadulterated baloney. We look to people like Governor Sarah Palin for leadership and inspiration.

What our leaders do for pleasure is very much a part of who they are. Governor Palin's hunting and shooting skills translate perfectly into the political arena. Knowing your quarry's habits, strength's weaknesses; observing, orienting, directing, and acting; acquiring, recognizing, identifying and eliminating targets; a forward lean, never flinching; fire discipline -- they all translate to politics. Governor Palin's political moves are all rooted in her well-honed hunting and shooting instincts.
Frame Grab from YouTube Video Range Day by SteveOh
"Sarah is not retreating. She is reloading!" -- Chuck Heath
Photo is a frame grab from "Range Day" a YouTube video posted by SteveOh.

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