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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Accomplishments Featured in: Historical Moments in Time: Sarah Palin

Thank you!!!!!

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's Accomplishments is featured in a short list of blogs on Page 57 of Historical Moements in Time: Sarah Palin. Also included in the spread are Conservatives4Palin, The Sarah Palin Blog, Texas for Sarah Palin, and The Book of Sarah...colleagues we work closely with.

The spread features screen shots from Accomplishments, C4P, and the Sarah Palin Blog.

The special magazine is sold at Governor Palin's book signings and is usually on the center display along with her books as you walk in. It is also available online at Books-A-Million.

To be part of this short list is a honor. As editor and publisher of Accomplishments, I am humbled and grateful to the producers of Historical Moements in Time: Sarah Palin.

Special thank you to Whitney the Pipsqueak, publisher of The LOTUS Laptop of the United States for informing me.

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