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Friday, November 20, 2009

Sarah Palin: Not Enough Hours in the Day

Complete transcript of Governor Palin's Facebook note:

Not Enough Hours in the Day
Today at 5:16pm EST

The response on this book tour has been overwhelming. We are truly humbled, and I thank you.

I've been told that yesterday there were supporters in Noblesville who stood in long lines for hours in the cold and rain, and the book signing event ended without a chance to say hello to everyone who showed up. I am so sorry. We are working on a solution for those who were left behind.

I apologize.

- Sarah Palin

Governor Palin is apparently responding to this situation that developed in Noblesville last night. You can hear Governor Palin in the background trying to reason with the crowd, which turned from adoring to unruly after the signing session, for some yet unknown reason, finished before all the books were signed. Although their disappointment is understandable, the behavior of these people bespeaks the fickleness of human nature.

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