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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sarah Palin Event Calendars

As information has become available about Governor Sarah Palin's book tour and upcoming speaking engagements, several blogs have posted unofficial calendars of these events.

On November 4, Josh Painter posted SARAH PALIN GOING ROGUE BOOK TOUR SCHEDULE on Texas4Palin. This book tour calendar contains links to his sources of information and is being updated as more information becomes available.

On November 9, Sarah Palin - Our New Cornerstone posted GOING ROGUE ON TOUR, which is a book tour calendar that includes the addresses of the book tour stops. This calendar is also being updated as additional information becomes available.

In a collaborative effort between Governor Sarah Palin's Accomplishments , The Palination, Texas4Palin , The Book of Sarah , Sarah Palin Web Brigade , and Sarah Palin Information Blog, a Google calendar of book tour events and speaking engagements was launched on November 8. This calendar, entitled GOVERNOR PALIN’S UN-OFFICIAL EVENTS CALENDAR, is being updated continuously as additional information becomes available.

Upinak, editor and publisher of The Palination, had the original idea for a calendar of Governor Palin's events. Using information from collaborating blogs, Ron Devito developed the calendar on Google and launched it first from a blog on Governor Sarah Palin's Accomplishments. Copies of the calendar are also embedded on Texas4Palin and The Book of Sarah. Josh Painter is making a major contribution toward updating the calendar.

The calendar contains this disclaimer:

The blog sites and the calendar are not endorsed, authorized or operated by
Governor Palin, her staff, or any other candidate or committee. This calendar is
not an official schedule of Governor Palin's events. Our confirmations are done
on a best-effort basis.

Links to Governor Palin's Un-Official Events Calendar can be found in the sidebars of participating blogs. There is also a SARAH PALIN EVENT CALENDARS page on the Sarah Palin Information Blog, which contains links to all the calendars listed above as well as links to official information released by Governor Sarah Palin and/or her representatives. As of now, the official information is limited to Governor Palin's Facebook posts, GOING ROGUE BOOK TOUR DATES THROUGH THANKSGIVING and OPRAH ON NOVEMBER 16TH.

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