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Saturday, November 21, 2009

MSNBC Hits New Low: Grills 17-Year-Old Girl (A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice)

As you all know, yesterday I blogged in part about the biased reporting done by Norah O'Donnell and Chris Matthews of NBC/MSNBC regarding their coverage of Sarah Palin's book tour. It is no secret that both of these individuals, Ms. O'Donnell in particular, cannot stand Sarah. Today, I wanted to share with you an experience a young 17-year-old blogger, Jackie, had with Ms. O'Donnell when she was confronted by her on Tuesday in Michigan as she waited for Sarah's arrival.

I actually got to know Jackie a couple months ago on Twitter (Click here to follow her @SoccerSealUSA). When I first met her, I was struck by how mature, articulate and intelligent a young woman Jackie was. Like me, Jackie became politically involved because of Sarah Palin. Jackie is an amazing girl, and I wish I had become politically aware when I was her age. While she may be young, she is already a very talented blogger who has a great future ahead of her. I actually recently wrote about her and other great, young conservative bloggers who are out there making a difference one post at a time. I find it so amazing and incredible that Sarah has brought so many people together. While Jackie and I do not know Sarah personally, we and millions of others have formed a bond that will last a lifetime.

I have included her post about her experience below. Make sure to click here to visit her blog Red, White and Conservative to read more and see pictures from the Michigan book signing. I encourage to leave a comment at her blog. Let Jackie know that you support her and the way in which she is taking a stand. She has received many supportive messages, but as expected, there are haters out there who are posting nasty comments as well. Jackie told me something today that I agree wholeheartedly with. Jackie said that liberals preach tolerance, yet leave nasty comments to someone who does not agree with them politically. I told her that while those on the left preach tolerance, they are the most intolerant individuals around. I also told her that for every attack that comes her way, that just goes to show how much of a threat she really is. Go, Jackie, Go!!!

I was so amazed by her story, I alerted #1 Alaska Talk Radio Host Eddie Burke that Jackie would make a great guest. Make sure to tune into Alaska's #1 host Eddie Burke's #1 Alaska Radio Talk Show on Monday to hear Jackie tell her story. Click here to listen online. Now, without further ado, here is Jackie's post:

The Day I Met Sarah Palin.and the Liberal Media

November 20, 2009 4:11 am

Where on earth do I begin? This all started as me, a young 17 year old American going to see a woman I admire and turned into this crazy event hah I'll start at the very beginning.

My dad and I arrived at the Barnes and Noble at 11 pm Tuesday evening. There were 2 tents in front of us; we were probably number 15 or so in line. It was a chilly evening but I enjoyed some good conversation from several Palin fans. We talked about Obama, Palin and just some other stuff. We sat outside in the cold, bundled up until 5:30 am. At that time they ushered us inside where we had to sit outside the B&N entrance until 7am. We received our bracelets at 7am and were told if we'd like to be guaranteed to see Palin we should remain in line all day. So I did. I was not about to lose a chance at seeing Sarah Palin after sitting in line out in the freezing cold for hours. So I sat, and sat. I read some of her book and then the media circus began. I spotted Norah O'Donnell and Andrea Mitchell right off the bat and couldn't believe they were there.. I mean I thought they hated Sarah Palin. I thought Sarah Palin had no impact, she was a nobody yet they send their 2 big guns to cover her book tour..but I digress.

There were 3 young girls-college aged who arrived first and they got tons and tons of interviews. After the media covered them they started walking the rope line. One by one I saw them interview people left and right of me. The day went on and then we were given the warning- 1 hour til she arrives! We were told the only thing we could bring in was our book. If we had coats they had to remain on. So I figured it was going to get hot in there with all us people crammed so I took it off.who knew that move would land me all the media buzz it did. I knew they went after people who were all decked out but I did not think my t-shirt would get much attention. I was first approached by a New York Times writer who wrote what my shirt said and then asked me a couple questions. She asked me what it was I liked about Sarah Palin. I said, "As a young female she is someone I can look up to, before her the only prominent female in politics I had known about was Hilary Clinton, whom I respect don't get me wrong, I respect her but when you don't agree with someone it's hard to really look up to them. I like how Sarah Palin will speak her mind, regardless of what the media will say about it." After that I just stood in line eagerly waiting for Sarah Palin to arrive. I then see Norah O'Donnell approach a man all decked out in Palin garb. She asked him a few questions (camera not rolling) then said she'd like to have a woman in the shot. She asked a woman who refused then pointed at me and said "Hey talk to her" So I walked over. I knew I was walking into hot water with MSNBC- thought I was prepared..Seconds later I met her. One of the many faces of liberal media bias. She asked me my name and then before going on air asked me why I liked Sarah Palin, I repeated what I told the NYT reporter. Norah didn't seem to like that much. So what did she do? I mean she couldn't ask me that question on television, heaven forbid her not have a biting response.. I noticed her look down at my shirt then, she turned around blackberry in hand spoke to a man, thumbs tapping the blackberry (I don't remember if she called or not, she may have. But she was on her blackberry), then jotted down a quick note. Little did I know that note would be used against me. She told us she'd be walking up to us. You know like she just stumbled upon us. The shot began. I kept telling myself answer her question well, don't freak out. Well, I thought she'd ask me the same question. She asked the man beside me (who by the way is NOT my dad) the same question she had before we went on air. Myself on the other hand, not the same story. She had me read my shirt and then proceeded to ask me "Did you know Sarah Palin supported the bailout" to be 100% honest I was like, are you kidding me? She is trying to use my shirt against me. I was so shocked by the craftiness she had that I was truly stumped. I asked her where she got her fact and she read her little note. Then she asked me what I liked about Sarah, and I talked about the Constitution. Immediately after the interview I said to my dad "Oh man, I have so many great responses now about my shirt" I could have said, well my shirt doesn't say anything about Sarah Palin supporting the bailout or "Hey Norah, have you read the book? She talks about how during her debate prep she was handed a list of note cards that had questions and 'non-answers'" Of course they told Sarah Palin to support everything McCain did. Call me crazy but it would have looked pretty bad had Sarah Palin been against something John McCain was against while they were running together. Norah also claims I told her I voted (on her twitter). That is not true. She never asked my age or if I voted. I'm 17 I couldn't have voted.and I don't live in an ACORN district so I didn't have a chance to even register illegally. Making that statement by Norah completely false.

Well, the interview was over and it was time for me to meet Sarah Palin. We were taken upstairs and stood for about a half hour. And all of a sudden, the music began playing. "Red High Heels" by Kellie Pickler started blasting; I thought it was a perfect song. Then off in the distance I saw Sarah Palin make her way to the table. Before I knew it there she was. My dad went ahead of me and Sarah welcomed him by saying "Well, hey there sir how are you doing" and being the goofball he is said to her "I've haven't been this excited since I visited Graceland." Sarah responded "Oh thank you so much!" He also told her that the girl behind him was his daughter and that I had just been interviewed by MSNBC and would've made her proud. Sarah smiled and said "aww well good we need that!" I was up, it all happened so fast I didn't have much time to take it in. But to my surprise she added my name when she signed my book. I'm going to back track for a second, when we arrived we were handed a pink slip with rules for the event and one read "There will be NO personalizing of books." That is why I was so shocked. She looked at me and said "Sweetie, what is your name?" I told her and watched her sign my name in the book and then hers. I told her "Thank you so much." and she said "No, thank YOU so much!" She was so kind and personal. She looked me directly in the eyes and looked so happy to see everyone. And just like that it was over. I had met the woman who had inspired me to become interested in politics and is one of the huge factors in my interest for learning about our countries great history. Meeting Sarah has been the highlight of my senior year so far, that is for sure!

So today. I thought about my interview and thought there was a slight chance someone; somewhere would pick up on it. Never did I think I would be featured on Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Hot Air, Associated Content, Media Matters, Newsbusters and the Fox Nation. I found out about Glenn Beck because during school I have my twitter updates turned on on my phone and I check them in between classes. After 3rd hour I looked at my phone and click on a tweet and it said that Glenn was airing my interview. After school, I went to work; I left my twitter updates on just to see what else might happen. I got tweets about Newsbusters and MediaMatters while at work. When I got home I began looking online and kept receiving tweets and the more they came the more surprised I became. Then as I'm sitting at the computer I get a TweetDeck notification alerting me of an @ mention, I clicked it and I read "HOLY CRAP YOU'RE ON O'REILLY" luckily I had it recording because I knew Sarah Palin would be on, but really I was stunned O'Reilly showed it. I've been sitting at the computer now for a couple of hours now reading articles and comments and I even got to see video from Glenn Beck's radio show of them discussing it, which made me laugh hysterically. It was not the first time I'd been mistaken for being much younger than I actually am (still get offered a kids menu). It was nice to see/hear someone like Glenn Beck defending me. I will clear up some of the stuff he said about me. I am 17, the man next to me was not my father and I cannot stand Miley Cyrus. He was right, however, in 2 areas. I do attend a private school (parochial-Christian school) and my dad is a Bible thumping, gun toting man. I wish I could have thought quicker on my feet for that interview and threw it right back into O'Donnell's face but I was caught off guard I had no time to think clearly, you can also add in nerves of being on live television for the first time. That certainly did not help.

In one day I met a role model, and met the liberal media and their crafty schemes. I fell prey to liberal bias, but I'd like to think I did an okay job. We always want do-overs, and I can assure you if I had a do-over with Miss O'Donnell you'd see a much more prepared (well rested) and ready to go at it side of this 17 year old. But unlike Norah I didn't have my note cards with me. I was forced to think on the spot and answer a gotcha question. Her goal was clear, make this teenager look like an uneducated Palin supporting buffoon. To liberals, and the 5 people who watch MSNBC she succeeded. To conservatives, she was the only buffoon during that interview.


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